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I might have published the DA Pantheon post one week too early: DA has already forewarned us that this week’s cryptic will be a mind-bending doozie.

When DA himself is worried about its impact, then we have every right to be intimidated.

One person who perhaps wouldn’t be intimidated (if indeed he does do cryptics rather than NY Times crosswords) is Dan Feyer. Dan is the fastest crossword solver in the business and does about ten a day.

I’d love to see him tackle a cryptic and see him knock one over in a few minutes, although I have a sneaking suspicion that a carefully crafted cryptic is very unlikely to be solved in five minutes flat.

7 thoughts on “Crossword Genius

  1. John Henderson (Enigmatist at the Guardian) once went on a talk show in the UK and the host sprung the Times Crossword on him, and asked him to solve it live on the telly. His time was 2 min 53 sec. This was in front of the cameras and everything.

  2. If you look at this week’s Brainstorm you’ll see DA is among us mortals for solving. (Not that there’s anything wrong with that; spin bowlers do not necessarily play spin bowling well)

  3. I am wondering whether DA has an “elite” club. I saw an article where he seems to think there is a small bunch of people who complete week in week out.

    I complete it regularly (well, 98.57% on average) and was wondering if there is a club or at the very least a secret handshake that I need to know about.

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