DA on the 3rd/4th of December, 2010

A DA for the ages?

Your impressions right here.

(No spoilers on this thread until Monday)

Update: Some poor reviews of this week’s and my own frantic Saturday hosting a long lunch at home meant DA fell by the wayside. This week I’ll be in Sydney so I might get in early on Friday, or meeting and greeting might take over (hopefully I’ll meet and greet people partial to cryptics).

A further update: Jonathan has very kindly sent me his completed copy of the DA for posterity — and what incredibly neat handwriting he has:

That would have to be the neatest cryptic crossword sheet I’ve seen. Very impressed.

13 thoughts on “DA on the 3rd/4th of December, 2010

  1. Annoying one today. Dodgy anagram indicators, laboured charades, overuse of dropping last letters, and at least one outright mistake.

  2. What a disappointment. I’m up in Canberra for the weekend with my sister,and bought the SMH on Friday thinking we could have a fun time together with DA, and it isn’t fun at all!

  3. Ian – I was getting ready to argue that if I still got the answer how could it be a mistake! But I agree with you.

  4. I have to agree with the criticisms above. Some tortured and tenuous stuff. And not very inspiring. But on the plus side I rather liked 22D and the definition for 13D.

  5. 14A you can’t be expected to know that the figure is 10! only when you get it can you see. this is called working out the clue from the inside out rather than from the outside in! DA does this too often

  6. Glad to see others have also thought 11A is a clear error. I also didn’t like the use of “review” in 16D – it works as an anagram indicator but not here in my view. And while I’m at it, “and” would be better than “or” in 24D.

    But like you, RB, I had 22D and 13D marked as the best clues.

  7. Forgot to mention 10A as a clue I enjoyed.

    And another comment, way to much obscurantism for my liking in this weeks. eg/ 1D, 14A, the first part of the wordplay in 24A, 25A, and the first 4 letters of 9A taught me 2 new meanings for words I thought I knew well. And you could potentially add 6D and 7D to this list.

  8. I agree with your comments, mrigeoy, including the new meanings for two common words in 9A.

    Technically, we should avoid spoilers in this thread till Monday, but we’re nearly there now, so I feel I can respond to your comment about “review” in 16D. Since one meaning is to “look back on”, I thought it was OK as a backwards indicator.

  9. Have recently discovered this site and LOVE it! I have a store of old DAs with questions so I’m searching through the archive to find answers to things I don’t understand. Unfortunately I have the numbers of the crosswords rather than the dates in most cases but I’m getting there (maybe you could list numbers and dates somewhere?). Anyway to help with our DA education could a finished crossword with the clues be loaded when we are all said and done (maybe on a Tuesday). Happy to help and send/upload the scan if you like.

  10. Hey Jonathan,

    It’s great to hear you’re enjoying the site — and hopefully it will help you get into DA’s head and understand his clues better.

    Perhaps half the time I load up my own semi- or fully completed DA each week. I used to scan a copy and put it up, but I don’t have access to a scanner anymore and I’ve settled on just taking a photo of what I’ve done with my iPhone and putting that up.

    The other half of the time I haven’t done the crossword or I’ve lost it or I’ve just been too busy.

    I’d be more than happy to post your crosswords — I agree, it’d be better to have the crossword posted each week — so just send me a copy if one hasn’t appeared on the blog by Monday to the email address on the sidebar.



  11. A late posting: I only managed to download this one yesterday as I was caught up in the chaos from all the snow in Europe. I eventually found free internet access at Frankfurt Hbf and actually found this DA entertaining as it filled in the whole three hours to Regensburg, with the last couple of clues then do-able when I could access a dictionary again. So I thought it was challenging but fun. It seems that this week I am the only one with that opinion.

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