DA on the 19/20th of November, 2010

A goodie? A baddie?

Here’s where you have a chat about DA for this week.

(No spoilers on this thread until Monday)

Update: A busy weekend, a busy Monday and Tuesday, and now it’s Wednesday and last Saturday’s DA is lost.

I got a good start, though.

7 thoughts on “DA on the 19/20th of November, 2010

  1. Finished this one before lunch yesterday and quite enjoyed it.
    17A appeared in DA at the Wheeler Centre. Enjoyed the wordplay in 5D. I thought the ellipsis this week in 6,7D worked well. Have a query in the other thread.

  2. Also from DA 23/05/2008: Booze (light) filling ubiquitous hero (5)
    He’s repeating himself!

  3. I enjoyed this one, repeats notwithstanding. Your memory’s obviously better than mine, Ian. I can’t remember last week’s crossword, let alone 2008 or earlier!

    My favourite was 11A – a ripper clue! And I liked the definition for 27A.

  4. I’m still struggling with a few, but DA if you’re listening, a quick thankyou for apparently giving us a week off the excessive dependence on general knowledge that I’ve been complaining about. There’s a lot of satisfying clues here, even though I needed help with many of them.

    I agree with RB about 11A Despite the fact that I missed it !! That darn lav-ender exemplifies the satisfaction I get when finally understanding a cryptic clue. I had a chance of soving it in my head, with the information available. The fact I missed it, only makes me want to try harder next week.

    Contrast that with the deflated sense of, “Oh, it’s another Geography/Art/History lesson with a twist” that I get when I discover that I never had a chance anyway, because I never heard of some Dutch artist named Bosch. Too many of those and there’s no incentive to come back next week, because it’s not something I can “try harder” at, and why bother with a crossword that requires more luck than skill/sweat to solve – especially if it’s meant to be a cryptic?

    But I’m chuffed because by myself I solved about 50% this week (don’t laugh – that’s good for me!)
    Having done the weekly DAtrippers check-in I now know another 30-40% I could have solved given enough tenacity.
    Which leaves only 10%-20% as new words – which seems a reasonable amount – expanding my vocabulary without leaving me feeling defeated.

    So my vote is to keep the balance of future ones just like this one!!

  5. CL

    With respect to the general knowledge part of cryptic crosswords: moslty iit’s stuff that counts as “stuff I ought to know”. If I don’t know it I figure it will do me good to find out. To me Bosch is a name up there with Rembrandt and Dali, and I’m surprised that you haven’t heard of him. On the other hand, Zinzan over at the Australian Crossword Club site had a go at me last week for not knowing the Ella brothers. A lot of stuff I now count as general knowledge I first heard of in a crossword.

    So, plug away. Don’t be afraid to use Google and Wikipedia when it looks like something outside your ken. it’s not cheating, it’s research!

  6. Thanks for the comments Ian,
    Sorry about Bosch. Nothing personal :)
    I’ll have to introduce you to my year 10 history teacher sometime. I blame him for my belated discovery that history can be interesting!

    And to clarify – I don’t feel like I’m cheating to look something up, it’s just that there’s an aspect of acknowledging defeat for that clue when I decide to shift to online research mode. I’m also quite happy to have a general knowledge component. It’s more about the proportions I’m commenting on.

    My rationale is simply that out of all the crosswords in the week, for a Saturday crossword I’d prefer not to be forced to solve most of it while sitting in front of the computer. There are more comfy chairs in the house! Or I can grab a copy before heading out on a sunny day’s outing miles from any high-speed-bandwidth-internet-connection (but close to coffee) and still have a fighting chance of completing maybe 60-70% of the thing.
    After that, I’m quite okay with returning to the shackles of the computer screen to educate myself about the remainder that I missed.

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