DA on the 12/13th of November, 2010

A weekend of pouring rain is forecast for Melbourne, so I expect a whole lot of you will be poring over this week’s DA (sorry for the pun).

Let us know how well it goes here.

(No spoilers until Monday on this thread)

Update: A lot to love, a lot to not love so much:

Some very, very good clues, a good theme, but the odd questionable clue.

13 thoughts on “DA on the 12/13th of November, 2010

  1. Successful team bonding effort at the Pan Pacific Masters Games (awaiting 45+ basketball gold medal play off) – 3 brains a good deal more creative & clever than 1! Nice to have a themed crossword again. A couple of new words/expressions needing confirmation on Google. More of a Victorian flavour this time. A couple of excellent double definitions & homonyms. Very good crossword I would say & slightly sad not to have more of it to look forward to upon return to rainy Melbourne.

  2. ^ hope you won gold! loved this one, esp after i got 3d. 19d was fun as was 24a

  3. Too hard for me this week can’t you give us a teeny clue for 3d to get me going!!

  4. Had a bit of trouble with this one. 7A & 14A eventually gave me 3D. Gave the atlas a workout with 18D & 27A and google helped with a couple of the brothers. Need help with the wordplay in 18A, i’m OK with charming bunch but not the rest of the clue

  5. Like you, JJ, I needed to have 7A and 14A in place before getting 3D. A tricky one. I have a friend from 27A and am familiar with 18D so no atlas needed here, but plenty of help from Google required with the theme clues!

    Thought 4D was clever.

  6. Enjoyed the theme, and particularly enjoyed 10A and 4D. Wasn’t a fan of 18D….unless you live in the relevant state I think it’s a bit too obscure (or maybe it’s just the gaps in my education)

  7. If anyone’s stuck on 7D, listen to the podcast of DA with Pru Bentley on ABC local radio (Ballarat) and he actually gives the answer.

  8. Enjoyed this one immensely – nice and clean with plenty of ripper clues. Gold stars to 16A, 22A, 27A, 19D.

  9. Just got to this one, a week late. The cuppa was cold by the time it worked itself out. 22A & 19D gave me the theme. 8A was the last solved. Very enjoyable.

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