DA Gold from Puzzled

mrigeoy emailed me with a fine suggestion: a record of the gold clues from the crosswords included in DA’s book, Puzzled.

Although I much enjoyed the book, I must admit I didn’t actually do the crosswords that were included. So mrigeoy has sent me this as a sterling example of what DA offers in his book:

‘You’re a sole ray of light’ and ‘You deserve top perch’? (4, 3, 11)

I don’t know the answer but I’m sure someone can work it out below.

And please, send in whatever other examples of fine DA legerdemain that you think should be included on here.

4 thoughts on “DA Gold from Puzzled

  1. Thanks for starting this category AS.

    I also thought 7D and 24A in Mini Puzzle 5 Qualified as DA Gold.

    Soundly leaves more clichéd author under cover (5,6) = GHOST WRITER

    Feel very low, suffering this?! (6,5) = YELLOW FEVER

  2. I don’t think the ghost writer one quite works mrigeoy. goes triter has a definite “z” sound for the s which ghost writer doesn’t have.

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