Reginas Everywhere

I can’t go past commenting on the Elis Regina and Elizabeth Regina conjunction, so now I resuscitate a moribund category: DA’s Teachings.

ER I always accepted as the queen without ever knowing that the R stood for Regina, the Latin word for queen. So when philth commented on the previous post that he thought ER in 2-down referred to Eliz Regina as being a hard-headed woman, I assumed he meant Elis Regina, the queen of Brazilian popular music, who was well known for her fiery temper.

Here she is in song:

YouTube then got me onto the Elvis song I had never heard of, Hard-Headed Woman. I thought I had heard the song before at first, but no, I had heard Blue Suede Shoes, which Hard-Hearted Woman seems to have been inspired by:

And just to complete my personal journey through the wilds of newly-discovered trivia thanks to DA’s latest effort, I have below what I now call a spider rather than “one of those stand thingies”:

One thought on “Reginas Everywhere

  1. Nice research, very nice.

    Sometimes, when I should have been in school, I frequented Sydney’s pool halls . . . the Crystral Palace, the Manhattan and Monroe’s or Munro’s come to mind. Back in those days we called that implement a “jigger”.

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