DA on the 1st/2nd of October, 2010

It’s a new month and a new DA and I’m in Melbourne suffering from some serious jet lag.

I’m hoping this week’s is really easy.

(No spoilers on this thread until Monday)

Update: A nice one that left me puzzled:

AFL shenanigans all of yesterday and I still managed to miss the football-related clue (although a bad cross clue didn’t help).

7 thoughts on “DA on the 1st/2nd of October, 2010

  1. I couldn’t get 11A, so this is the first DA that I have not been able to complete for yonks. 87 y.o. mom had to ease my pain, and I am not gruntled about the answer. I thought that the rest was fine.

  2. I thought they were all fine. Stretched synonyms are all part of the fun. 11a an excellent Spoonerism.

  3. 11A was my favourite. 1A annoyed me – I think ‘itself’ is stretching it a bit.

  4. this is scary…. I nearly finished it in one afternoon. Am I beginning to think like DA?
    Actually, after the 5th word was put in in less than 2 minutes, I doublechecked to see it really WAS a DA!
    27A is the only questionable one I have. I can’t find a good reason for the word I’ve put there. That applies to 1A, 10A, 22A, & 8D as well.

  5. Tough-ish, I thought – had to get a couple on phone-a-friend to get me out of an early rut. Not a lot of great clues – I liked 10A and 19A – but no real complaints either. 23A definition was the only one of ML’s (above) that I found fault with, and that a technical issue.

  6. I found this week’s tough too. Agree with three of ML’s “dodgy synonyms” (I thought 17/15A was just about OK – I presume you’re referring to “band”). And I’d add 13A to your list too.

    There were a couple of obscure answers for me too. But I did like 2D.

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