DA on the 17/18th of September, 2010

RC is a mountain goat and got me thinking that climbing Pão de Açúcar rather than taking the air lift would be a great idea. Alas, I puffed, I spluttered and I ached and only made it about a quarter of the way up before deciding the view was good enough from where we were to sit and crack out an old DA overlooking Guanabara bay in Rio.

We didn’t quite finish the crossie but we got close, and the vista was well worth my sweat and tears.

But what about this week’s?

Delightful? Wonderful? Brazilian themed?

(No spoilers on this thread until Monday)

3 thoughts on “DA on the 17/18th of September, 2010

  1. How come no comments in this thread yet? You’ve all got better things to do? Wasn’t too difficult this week, although a few references/words were new to me. 15D and 16D were my favourites.

  2. Yes, 15d was amusing (snigger, DA said pee). I liked 2d/13d. Not happy with the indirect hidden word in 7d — not hard, but not, surely, by the book?

  3. Good honest crossword, couple of complaints in the other thread. Liked 12A, 2/13D, 4D, 15D, 22D.

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