DA on the 10/11th of September, 2010

I am getting in early because I have no idea whether or not I will be near a computer in the next few days.

And you might notice a little lipogrammatic experiment I have been forced to conduct: no apostrophes — Spanish keyboards do not need them!

(No spoilers on this thread until Monday)

11 thoughts on “DA on the 10/11th of September, 2010

  1. Yes, and 14a like, blew my mind as well. But I’m not sure if I’m comfortable with coded recipes for IEDs in 7d.

  2. Does anyone else think this was much easier than usual? A PB for me by a long way (roughly a quarter of my next quickest time). And, Ian, it was only part of the recipe. Just don’t go googling for the answer.

  3. I wouldn’t say this was my all-time PB – I did get a little stalled for a brief spot in the middle. Got the RHS pretty easily, and the LHS fell out pretty quickly once I got 1-2 key words. Probably towards the easier end of the spectrum, though.

    Thought 11A was clever in its succinctness, and 13A gave me a smile.

  4. This was certainly on the easy side, though a bit over my PB time. BUT I reckon in terms of clue quality – the number of absolute zingers in it – it is the best unthemed crossword DA has produced since I started doing them regularly a year or two ago.

    I have a record long list of top clues: 11/15A, 13A, 24A, 25A, 2D (brilliant!), 5/20D, 8D (this should have been first clue solved, it was so obvious – something about it hit a blind spot and it was actually my last word), 15D. I had only a single minor niggle about (as usual) a stretched anagram indicator, noted in other thread.

    For mine, this is a hall-of-fame job.

  5. My second DA in 24 hours (only got to last week’s yesterday). Loved 11, 15A (my 16 y.o. daughter is a fan of one of them). For some reason my 87 y.o. mom didn’t know who 14A was and had completely missed that generation (too long living in the bush?).

  6. Pretty easy.

    13A: a good example of DA buying himself some room to move with a question mark.

    19A: the third time in three weeks I have solved a “hidden word” answer last because I realised I hadn’t yet solved a “hidden word” answer.

    16D: neato.

  7. I managed to get the whole thing out for a change; however although 19A is hidden in the clue, I don’t know how it relates to once cool. Caan anyone explain?

  8. If people haven’t seen it, there was a DA interview in the SMH over the weekend, in the page before his usual column. Don’t know if it ended up in the Age.

  9. I have to agree with AG – 8D should have been a gimme, but it was my last and my partner looked at it and saw it straight away. Makes it my favourite as I didn’t get it! 13A and 25A were up there for me although I’ll admit to wiki’ing confirmation on 25A – alas the downside of a non classical education.

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