DA and the Confusion on the 10/11th of September

Any confoundings to be spoken of right here.

13 thoughts on “DA and the Confusion on the 10/11th of September

  1. Re 9A: Definition is also at the start. Only real trick here is a misleading use of a capital letter.

    1A is a straightforward “spoonerism”clue. No tricks particularly. Answer is a word that may not be in everyone’s vocabulary, but not especially obscure.

    Thought the answer to 19A was a bit of a dodgy word …

  2. As noted in the other thread, I thought this one was absolutely top-notch. Unusually, not one recourse to Google or the Reverse Dictionary here.

    jnrj: 19A I knew, but if you haven’t been exposed to US family-oriented 50s/60s TV and film it might have been obscure.

    My only whinge is the anagram indicator in 14D. I would have gone with “Sporting …”

  3. Lots of nice clues and a few clues/answers not so nice. Favourite was 5D/20D. Also 11A/15A. Agree with jnrj that 19A answer is a “bit of a dodgy word”. And 4D answer isn’t much better (nice clue though).

    Agree with AG about “wearing” as anagram indicator in 14D.

    Not sure I get 18D: I have FLAT TOP. The definition is “crew cut”. The word play seems to be “penthouse possibly” = FLAT; “transposed” = TOP. It’s this last bit of the wordplay that I don’t get. Or is it “penthouse possibly” = TOP FLAT (meaning of the highest standard, or on the top floor?) and then “transposed” is the indicator to swap the order of words to FLAT TOP? I think I do get it now!

  4. I think 19A is 4D, in so far as it doesn’t come from US TV but from Aussie slang, albeit perhaps from the Aussie bush, and there are lots of other Aussie terms ending in O (smoko, tea-o, arvo – I think it is called a parasitical o).

  5. Ok, I got 14A. Kerouac, but why ‘famously thumbed’. Looked up Kerouac in Wikipedia but still could no get the ‘thumbed’ reference.

  6. Kerouc famous for novel “On The Road”, connection with “famously thumbed” may be twofold: hitchhiking & well-thumbed novel.

  7. where do I find solutions if I can’t get hold of today’s paper (sold out)?

  8. If you go to Australian Crossword Club(link on RHS), go to DEEF, go to “non ACC puzzles”, there is generally a breakdown of the weekend’s DA.

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