DA on the 3rd/4th of September, 2010

I’m off to the Mercosur nations (but not Paraguay) on Sunday, which will mean that as of Sunday, all three originators of this blog, RC, TH and I will be overseas.

TH is lost to NY and RC is in Rio, as he has been for most of the year. I’ll be catching up with RC over there next week. I’m taking a stash of old DA cryptics with me, and we plan on doing what might never have been done before: finishing a DA on the Sugarloaf Mountain.

And so, what about this week’s cryptic?

(No spoilers on this thread till Monday)

8 thoughts on “DA on the 3rd/4th of September, 2010

  1. Fairly entertaining and another theme. Liked 8A 17A and 18D. 1D and 23A would be more at home in the Sunday Times crossie methinks.

  2. Liked 18D and 15A, still missing 3 (16d seems so close, doing my head in). Are we allowed to talk about it on Monday – not sure of datrippers etiquette yet:)

  3. kk, we usually get two threads each week: this one for general comments (no spoilers till Monday) and another one for confusions, questions, complaints etc where you can say anything, anytime. In the absence of the second thread, we’d better follow the etiquette of no spoilers here till Monday.

    I guess AS is busy with his flight to South America.

    I got off to a good start, but the last few were painfully slow. Have a couple of queries/gripes. Agree with AL – one or two obscure answers here.

  4. Not so busy anymore — just stuck at Sydney airport.

    I’ve started the confusions thread now. Sorry for the delay.

  5. Thanks AS. I have a couple of queries.

    26A: Is there a grass called “palum”? If not, then this clue seems a bit weak.

    16D: I have TUBULOUS. I don’t like it on two counts: firstly, to clue “ulous” as “semi-ridiculous” is, well, ridiculous! I am (almost half) incredulous! DA should have been more sedulous with this clue. Am I being too querulous? Secondly, does “tubulous” mean “like a snake”? The closest definition I can find is “shaped like a tube”, which seems a bit nebulous to me.

  6. Clearly RB you must have made a mistake on the “submit” button, having failed to follow your own advice to kk!

    I thought this was a good challenge, as are most crosswords where the layout does not give you too many first letters as cross-letters (is there a name for this? – there should be).

    My faves were 8A, 11A, and 20A. Also liked the definition part of 21D.

  7. OOOOPS!!! SORRY! My queries above should, of course, have gone into the other thread! I’ll put them in now. AS, if you’re online please delete them from this thread.

  8. I thought this was a tough one – I struggled through it slowly and was helped by two words from phine-a-friend.

    Thought the clue quality was pretty good – a couple of queries, and response to RB re 26A, in other thread.

    My faves – 8A (though I thought “job-wise” was redundant and the clue would have been even more elegant without it); 26A; 12A (once I had the wordplay explained to me); 9A.

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