David Astle — Clued!

There can only be one rightful owner of the copy of Puzzled that I’m giving away, and the many splendid clues that laid claim to the book prove how highly prized DA’s prose stylings are.

The clues I particularly enjoyed were the following:

  • haiku’s Five hundred salivated about puzzler (a great anagram and a great image of DA groupies wanting a piece of him)
  • MH’s Enigma maestro catching cricket’s Rahul outright with least spin (I love a cricketing reference)
  • CL’s Setter teased with valid ego trips (the e go is indeed a nice homage)
  • RB’s Eccentric diva outlasted TV wordsmith (an elegantly constructed clue)
  • MC’s Setter crunched data devils and MF’s Data devils setter! (MC found the artfully apt anagram and produced the elegant clue, while MF turned the artfully apt anagram into a very nice partial &lit)

MC’s and MF’s combined work also made me think of what could be DA’s &lit call sign: Devil’s data setter!

But the pick of the bunch is mic’s exceptionally excellent Is keen to go into 500 cryptic tales! It’s &lit and it’s about DA’s book — a tour de force!

mic, you are the rightful owner of the copy of Puzzled that’s sitting on my desk. Send me an email with your address and I’ll mail you what’s now yours.

4 thoughts on “David Astle — Clued!

  1. I’ll use this heading for a heads-up to those within range of 774 Melbourne who have a radio handy: DA is a guest with Jon Faine after 11 a.m. today.

  2. There were some pearlers for this comp. But mic’s stood out – well thought out but seemingly effortless. Congratulations, mic.

  3. VERY chuffed with my honourable mention, thanks! I also enjoyed reading everyone’s attempts – both for the similarities / variations on a theme, and the creative originals.
    If it was me, I’d also be giving an honourable mention to JD – “Wordsmith finishes Puzzled. Validates confusion.” because it too mentions the book itself in a stylish manner, and could even be read as an advertisement for buying a copy.

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