DA on the 27th of August, 2010

Is DA pulling out his finest work on the verge of his book being published?

(No spoilers on this thread until Monday)

Update: Quality, but perplexing:

It’s a DA dedicated to the peripheral: persimmon, Ross Sea, infobahn, Mount Wellington, yulara, Great Firewall of China, beau monde and botty are all words that simply don’t spring to mind when given the direct clue.

A tough one for mine, not particularly brilliant either, but solid.

9 thoughts on “DA on the 27th of August, 2010

  1. Pretty good one this week, I thought. As usual, the last half dozen or so took a while to solve.

  2. Good honest crossie, quite slow going, and phone-a-friend for the last two. I do wonder, though, how older solvers (even older than me) go with some of DA’s clues. 6/9A, 20A, 22A, 7D would have stumped many over-70s, I suspect.

    Favourites this week: 14A, 27A, 21D (cheeky).

  3. Agree with comments about older solvers. It’s ironic that DA uses lots of words that I suspect would be rejected by David Astle as the custodian of the dictionary (Macquarie) that decides the legality of words in the SBS show “Letters and Numbers”!

  4. Looking at the gridshot (how’s that for a neologism?) at top, it’s interesting to me that our host’s last three words were the same as mine. In the end, I got BOTTY but had to be spoon-fed INFOBAHN and BEAU MONDE.

  5. I admit it: I cheated on ROSS SEA, BEAU MONDE, BOTTY and, partially, YULARA (I dead the google check to confirm).

    INFOBAHN just flashed to me from nowhere, though.

    Some unlikely words in this one, definitely.

  6. Infobahn was our last get also, not having heard the word before (though it makes good sense): this made it hard to be sure that attachment was correct (wondering if the H could be right) & we spent a ridiculously long time realising that disheartened infant was tt and not “it’ (the possibility of which raised a most unwelcome possibility of a reference to the show “Little Britain”).

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