DA on the 20th/21st of August, 2010

Happy times, happy days — I love voting, and here’s hoping for a stellar election-themed crossword.

(No spoilers on this thread until Monday)

Update: A very, very good DA — para Pantheon for mine:

It’s perhaps the perfect cryptic crossword theme: a grammatical feature. And what’s even better, at least for me: it’s a self-referential grammatical feature whose name is derived from another language: portmanteau is a portmanteau and is French for carries the cloak!

A quality crossword that I grappled with for most of Saturday between voting, football watching (even though the Tigers lost, I really enjoyed watching their improvement against the Saints) and election partying.

It took me a while, but I eventually worked out the theme when cinema’s Natalie made things obvious. By the sound of things, though, not too many of you are familiar with Natalie Portman. That’s a shame because, although I consider her acting to be wooden at best, she’s played in two great films: The Professional and V for Vendetta. The latter film I particularly recommend to any lefties among you who have ever daydreamed of blowing up politicians of the right (have I just revealed I voted Green?)

Labradoodle also made me laugh a childish laugh: labra in Spanish is the verb work, and, well, I don’t think I need to say anything more.

9 thoughts on “DA on the 20th/21st of August, 2010

  1. Yes a theme again , but a somewhat obscure one. This week’s was O.K. but some of the clues seem rather laboured.15A, 20A. It’s the kitchen sink approach.I am biased but I find the short clues more challenging.

  2. A very good puzzle, challenging and enjoyable. Pantheon? Not quite, although maybe we’ve been spoilt and the bar has been raised. I liked 19 D, 27 A and 16A for the smile factors.

  3. Can’t agree with AL about 15A. Not at all laboured. No more labo(u)r than a Qld polling booth.

  4. A bit tougher this week, and I enjoyed it as much as any recent puzzle.

    A couple of clue queries in the other thread – obviously I’m missing something with 15A. My favourites were 16A and 17D.

  5. Loved the virgin diversion and appreciated having my education supplemented by a new usage for portmanteau.

    I wonder if any Daficionados can give me an approximate date for the taboo x-word referenced in the pantheon. My father’s mind is slowly slipping and I’d like to send him a copy of this one before it’s too late.

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