DA on the 13/14th of August, 2010

A jolly good show worthy of the price of admission?

You be the judge, below.

(No spoilers on this thread until Monday)

Update: Quite a neat little crossword:

I certainly didn’t find it easy as others have stated they found it, but I did enjoy it.

4 thoughts on “DA on the 13/14th of August, 2010

  1. Very ordinary. Way too many easy clues which then make the harder clues too easy due to the cross letters available. Highlights 2,8, 15 and 18.

  2. Easy maybe (it took two cups of coffee), but not ordinary as I liked the jokes and Australianisms.

  3. Maybe it was because I was sick with a cold, but I found some parts of this a bit of a challenge (especially the NW and SW corners), and needed to come back to it a couple of times before the mists started to clear. My favorites were 2D/8D, which stumped me for quite a while, and 13A which was similarly mystifying until I had got all the cross letters, and then it gave me a smile.

  4. This page seems to have become more about yourselves…….how good you are….. how little time it took…..comparing pens are we? Every DA is a weeks wait

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