DA on the 6/7th of August, 2010

I’m expecting some sweet DA love for a pearler of a crossword.

(No spoilers on this thread till Monday)

4 thoughts on “DA on the 6/7th of August, 2010

  1. Quite a fun crossie this week from DA……..always like a theme.Best of the bunch for me were 15A 20A and18D.

  2. MF, i’m glad the weather map helped (see other thread), living north of the Murray an advantage perhaps. All in all an enjoyable little crossword this week.

    A tip for cruciverbalists, Syd. Race 4 #7 (have a couple each way on it)

  3. This was fun, while it lasted – the easiest DA I can remember, ever – and I’m not even well-qualified to get the themed clues, if you see what I mean as I avoid spoiling. A few clue queries over in the other thread. Particularly enjoyed 11A, 12A, 20A.

  4. This was the second time I have managed to do it myself – without google/dictionarys/etc. Really did like that.

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