2 thoughts on “DA on TV

  1. Did anyone see this? Interesting?

    (6pm on a Monday … who is at home watching a TV at 6pm Monday?)
    (Even if I could escape work that early, I would be chasing children not watching TV!)

  2. I saw it on Monday and was mildly entertained. The show needs to be a lot faster and the host (who is not DA) needs to be snappier. DA is the resident dictionary guru and resolves word-related questions.

    And now I’ve only just discovered it’s on every day of the week from heading over to the SBS site.

    But no fear, it looks like you can watch the daily episodes.

    Here’s the link: http://player.sbs.com.au/programs#/programs_08/fullepisodes/lettersandnumbers/playlist/Letters-And-Numbers-Ep-4/

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