DA for the 16/17th of July, 2010

How do we rate this week’s array of sleights of hand?

(No spoilers in the comments of this post until Monday)

Update: I got two in less than two minutes, and then for the next twenty minutes or so, nothing, which is pretty much where things remained.

Given the theme and some of the answers (wop, sod’s law), I’m kinda glad I didn’t stick with it.

Further update: My cryptic research has uncovered that Finagle’s law is also a synonym of Murphy’s law and sod’s law.

Before today, I’d only heard of Murphy’s, and the hilarious Muphry’s law.

3 thoughts on “DA for the 16/17th of July, 2010

  1. Quite an entertaining crossie from DA this week….some tricky ones and a bit of a theme thrown in.25A was probably my pick, 22A a bit of a stretch.

  2. Lots of fun here. SE corner was my last – phone-a-friend for one word.

    I thought 22A was OK – I had a wrong word pencilled in there for a while. Liked 14A, 18A, 19A. Couple of whinges on other thread.

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