An NS Query

Although I know there’s a plethora of cryptics available online, whenever I want some cryptic fun I still do what’s available in The Age.

And today was NS for my cryptic hit, but I can’t for the life of me figure out the reasoning behind this one:

18 across: Note the sharp edge on the military post (8)

The answer looks like it has to be GARRISON, but other than G = note and ON = on, I can’t explain it.

Have I missed something simple and am now embarrassing myself?

2 thoughts on “An NS Query

  1. New word to learn. An arris is “an architectural term describing the sharp edge formed by the intersection of 2 surfaces”
    Now it all makes sense.

  2. Good work, JD.

    ARRIS didn’t look like a word to me so I didn’t even think to look it up in a dictionary.

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