DA’s Perplexities for the 9/10th of July, 2010

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Update: Put me out of my misery and answer me these queries:

15 down: Hear wretched dog followed shark (9)
So what’s the shark I’m missing?

13 across: Shapelier style of volcanic glass? (4, 5)
And what’s the volcanic glass I’m missing here?

9 down: Timely antique bearing clobber (8, 5)
And on this occasion, what’s the timepiece I’m missing here?

22 thoughts on “DA’s Perplexities for the 9/10th of July, 2010

  1. 19D a good clue but tricky – or should I say a bit rich – for those down in Melbourne, perhaps?
    17A not sure I’m content with how the auditory bit scans for “arrest” or “arrest an”, but might be missing something
    20A is this lacking a marker or clue to shorten the style of boot?

  2. Re 17A – seems fine to me – “COLLAR A” = CHOLERA
    20A – I didn’t actually notice an issue here, but you may be right, assuming that the correct spelling requires a double g
    I sympathise with you on 19D – as a Sydneysider, I wondered how you Melbourne folks would go with this one

  3. BTW, is the adjective “retiring” in 12A intended to be ironic? Can’t quite see the relevance otherwise

  4. jnrj – for 12A, I believe it (the mag) has recently been scrapped.
    I’m actually a Sydneysider (just up the road, in fact, from 19D).
    17A – OK, the audio clue applies after swapping around the indefinite article. Fair enough.
    Definitely double G for the boot.

  5. pretty easy stuff this week. i had to google 13A though too.

    i am not happy with the an/a thing in 17A. it’s the placement of auditory in the clue which causes the problem. why not “arrest a disease (and then some clever homophone indicator). it’s not as though the current wording gives the surface reading of the clue any depth because the answer isn’t an auditory disease. it’s just a deliberate distractor for no reason which wrecks the clue. i’m voting for DA bullshit but i’ll be interested to hear what others think about that. am happy to be convinced otherwise. my favourite definite 24A.

  6. Most Melbourners with a wide range of interests would get 19D (I would have known about a tiger lair even pre-storm). I needed dictionary (rather than Google) to help with 15D as well as 13A and to confirm 9D). Can’t quite work out word play inticacies for 5D (does net mean clear?) & 26A – maybe someone can help tomorrow.

  7. Why wait for Monday. spoilers allowed on this thread. for 5d i think def is drag racer often. flipped problem is MUS then C in CLEAR. net means clear as in salary. 26A definition is diviner. agent lowering head is PSY (from SPY) with head P being lowered to second place, then IN = CHIC.

  8. Brilliant. Understood “clear” as net just after I posted. Wouldn’t have got spy etc. “In”very well disguised as a placement clue. Could have been PI or galoshes lowered I suppose.

  9. 15D: porbeagle
    13A: peles hair
    9D: carriage clock

    my queries:
    14A: don’t get it
    8A: huh? what’s going on here. personal means that pertaining to persons, but can’t mean that pertaining to personalities, yeah? Does this clue just have a weak definition and no cryptic element?

  10. On 17A, the “a” rather than the “an” made the letter stick out like a sore thumb and made me certain the disease in question would end in “a” or the sound that “a” makes, “ay”.

    I wouldn’t call it bullshit, but clunky.

  11. Thanks for the answers, mic.

    As for 14A, that’s another clunky piece of wording that was trying too hard for an &lit.

    Obviously, copy tar is an anagram of craypot, and a craypot is what you throw out into water to catch crustaceans.

    So you have overall: copy tar throwing out this = craypot = throwing out this.

    And I think 8D is just one of those cryptic definition type clues without wordplay that come around every now and again.

  12. 8D: there’s definitely wordplay – unless some sub-editor has corrected the “weankess” in The Age!

  13. I think an editor did.

    The Age clue definitely says PERSONAL WEAKNESS, not WEANKESS.

    What a shame. DA should have words with The Age’s editor.

    I wonder if the editor does cryptics.

  14. I’ve got a feeling the same thing has happened in 17A. In SMH it reads “Arrest an auditory disease”. What is it in the Age?

  15. i’ve just seen the scanned Age version in the other thread and yes, it is Arrest a auditory disease there. so 1 all to subeditors at Age and SMH with their “corrections”. i retract bullshit accusation and will go with clunky as suggested by AS.

  16. Just spotted the extra layer of meaning in 14a, the visual image of a sailor (a tar) throwing out a craypot, and telling me to do the same

  17. Ian, that must disappoint DA, that a bunch of seasoned cryptic crossword solvers would fail to see some magic in the reference to a sailor in the craypot clue!

    A very clever clue indeed.

  18. Indeed, 25A was a tricky one if you’re not familiar with Spain.

    Spanish mate = amigo
    Spanish port = Malaga

    I go from amigo = am
    Spanish port not a = malga

    Put that all together and you have amalgam, or a cocktail of things.

  19. Working my way backwards through the DAs I’ve missed recently. As noted above, quite an “easy” DA, although dictionary/Google required for a couple. A few comments:
    14A: I thought this was a very weak (partial) &lit, until Ian’s timely explanation above. Well spotted!
    24a: I did like “humped one”!
    26A: I didn’t like the use of “lowering head” to indicate demotion of first letter in an across clue.
    7D: IMO, if you can recycle it, then it’s NOT garbage!

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