DA and the Confusion (2/3rd July, 2010)

Have your confusions sorted right here.

Update: I think some vocabulary troubles have me scratching my head:

9 across: One 13-across (local), a punter rejected, heading to Cross, the sap (3, 6)
So what kind of tree is this?

3 down: Horror quality integral to sea-monster (7)
Just dunno.

6 down: Can’t find a house to do your nana (2, 5)
Go something.

10 across: Discussed devious life in West Ireland (5)
No doubt I’ve never heard of this place.

27, 1 across: Racehorse, in fleeing raider, comes to evil lord (5, 5)
I love the Star Wars reference, just missing an explanation.

12 thoughts on “DA and the Confusion (2/3rd July, 2010)

  1. JD, marvellous misdirection in 17D and 26A, and I can’t say anything about 10A.

  2. 10a is a place name, and 26a isn’t. The definition in 17d is a teeny tiny insignificant-looking word at the end.

  3. 9A is GUM ARABIC = sap, and “one local” = IBAR, “a punter” = AMUG, “rejected” gives GUMARABI, and the “heading to Cross” gives the final C.
    3D is RORQUAL, a type of whale, in horROR QUALity.
    10A is SLIGO in West Ireland, “devious” = SLY, so “discussed devious” = SLI, and “life” = GO (which I’m not very happy with).

  4. Can someone please explain the wordplay for 6D? I am also dubious about “go” for life.

  5. Coincidence maybe? I just did Guardian cryptic no. 25052, and “go spare” turned up, with “lose cool” as it’s definition. Never heard of the phrase before, and now it’s everywhere.

  6. 27a, 1a: Race = dart, horse = H, then invader without the “in”
    JD: Yes, I noticed that one too. It’s amazing how often it happens when your do puzzles from different sources.

  7. Like JK, I’m also still in the dark re “GO SPARE” wordplay and unhappy about “go” = “life” in SLIGO. I think the latter is to do with games, but still the two do not work for me.

    Other than those, nice crossword. I was left about four short in the bottom half, all of which fooled me with good, fair clues.

  8. re 6D, Wiktionary reminds us that “to go spare: 1. To be available or unused. eg ‘There’s some bacon going spare if anyone wants some more.'” and this could be tortured into meaning “can’t find a home”.

  9. If someone said to me “there’s one last rasher of bacon looking for a home,” I would have no difficulty understanding what they meant.

  10. Nice crossword, despite a few obscure answers. Some lovely clues, already mentioned in the “gold” thread. I would also include 17D VOGUISH, which had a beautifully disguised definition. And TROTSKY (…red jelly…) was brilliant!

    Re 10A SLIGO: my take on “go” = “life” is as in “he’s got plenty of go”, meaning plenty of spirit, energy, life. So I’m OK with that.

    I have a slight problem with 24A IBIZA, where it seems “biz” = “racket”. Surely “biz” means “occupation” or “line of work”, whereas “racket” specifically refers to an “illegal business”?

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