DA on the 25/26th of June, 2010

This week, a beauty to inaugurate his new abode at davidastle.com.

(No spoilers till Monday on this post)

Update: Another deliciously whacky theme. AL’s early comments alerted me to its peculiarity so I made sure to capture it naked, and here it is before and after my scribblings:

And while I loved the theme, goddamn it I became frustrated. While I can understand the number of obscure words given the theme, what really annoyed me was some of strange wording. That the answer to the veldt clue really had to be what I thought it couldn’t be was the last straw, and I stopped bothering with the rest.

A great theme, but not a brilliant crossword to my mind.

11 thoughts on “DA on the 25/26th of June, 2010

  1. Another absolute masterpiece from DA this week. A terrific amusing theme and a high difficulty level; what more could you want! Wonderful stuff.

  2. Yes, very good indeed. Often once you get the theme a fair bit falls into place, but this one kept the difficulty level up even after the theme revealed itself.

  3. I thought the ‘Money for Nothing’ had been excellent, then along came this one. Seems to be a new style of somewhat themed crosswords. Bravo.

  4. Yes, this was a delight; but I am not sure we would want to see a replica every week-end.

  5. Been away and out of touch for a few weeks, so I was afraid I’d be out of the mindset. Took me much longer than usual, but I got there. I agree that this one was a beauty.

  6. Pretty happy with this one. As haiku pointed out, it maintained its difficulty even after the theme was nailed. It loses a point or two from me for an uncharacteristically high number of obscure have-to-look-it-up words and in-clue references – five or six of them. Or maybe I just don’t get out enough. On the plus side, I found no poor constructions, although I was briefly indignant about 27A until I realised I’d misread it.

  7. Agree that it was a terrific amusing theme, though didn’t think the difficulty level was that high. Particularly enjoyed the double entendre involved in 26A. 11A was the only word I really had to look up, though one or two others were only vaguely within my vocabulary.

  8. Are we missing something? as far as can tell there are 5 three letter words used twice and 1 three letter word used only once. Very enjoyable all the same. What does this say about DA’s pre-occupations?

  9. JK, you need to recount. Yes, there were six 3-letter words that were used twice in answers w/o being clued by the wordplay.

  10. I actually had repat instead of repot for 1a. Realised in shower this morning. Repot is obviously correct but repat was also (sort of) feasible (assuming plant somehow corresponded to pat).

  11. I note from the TV guide that DA is to co-host a TV quiz show in August. Should be interesting!

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