DA on the 18/19th of June, 2010

I really would like a soccer-themed DA.

Has DA done it this time?

(No spoilers till Monday)

2 thoughts on “DA on the 18/19th of June, 2010

  1. Maybe if the Socceroos had won….still a high quality crossie this week again from D.A.;5D is just a totally clever and amusing clue.Obscurities still cropping up,(24A).Liked 11A 18A and my pick: 1D for its complexity.

  2. I found it good but tough this week – had only a third of it out until an hour or so ago then picked up a word in desperation using Onelook’s Reverse Dictionary. I have a clue complaint (about 1D, actually, AL), and I still have two words to get (see other thread). My favourites: 18A, 20A, 8D.

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