DA Confusions for the 11/12th of June, 2010

You perhaps thinking “what’s the go with this clue?”

Here’s where you find out what the go is.

12 thoughts on “DA Confusions for the 11/12th of June, 2010

  1. OK it’s Monday now. I get the definition of 9A, but can someone explain the wordplay for me please? I still don’t see this.

  2. JJ/JK/DK … explanations/spoilers from the other thread.

    6D: Bourdain = Anthony Bourdain = chef. setter = DA. trashed our setter = b(ourDA)in = our DA in bin.

    9A: manumit = free. hamburger with = mit (“with” in German). Manu = first name of Manu Fieldel = TV chef familiarly.

    16D: Harriott = Ainsley Harriott = chef. Pro in Gallery = (Pro) Hart swallows Big laugh = riot, giving Har(riot)t.

    14A: Tony Bilson = chef. grinds ahead = toils on, keeping state = ny, end to suberb = b, giving to(ny b)ilson.

  3. There is a slash between the names. Elizabeth David is a chef, as too is Greg Malouf.

  4. Not having heard of Harriot & not having heard of Manu Feildal (even after googling chefs) made this v difficult. “Toils on” for “grinds ahead” is too clever or obscure for me (although guessing Tony Bilson was easy enough from surounding letters). Got manumit in a similar fashion (ie mit was ok but not manu) – never have seen manumit used in print before.

  5. PS MF very ingenious explanations, very grateful & impressed. Final quibble – shouldn’t “trashed” in 6D have been “trash” ie the answer was bin, not binned.

  6. Wow, I stared at this thing for days not knowing I was never going to get the answers as I have no chef knowledge whatsoever. :( Ouch.

  7. 14A: I thought close to superb = near to superb = B because it was not an A, but close = end is better.
    6D: I think trashed is correct because the other letters are in the bin.

  8. Yes, I thought about putting those letters “in the bin”after I had posted.

  9. Bleah! I wondered why there weren’t many comments here. Now I know why. It was only sheer bloody mindedness that kept me going and even then I fell well short. I counted 10 chefs in the answers and 2 in the clues. Of those 12, I knew of 3, with another 2 I might have vaguely heard of. Throw in a number of other obscurities (manumit, laserdisc, snake eyes), a crap definition (many &lits suffer this fate and 6A was no exception), a crap anagind (I would accept “affect” but not “effect”), a word left dangling (“fixed” in 15D clue), and I’d have to opine that this was a crossword to forget.

    On the plus side, there was some clever word play. Pity it was wasted on this crossie.

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