DA Confusion on the 25/26th of June, 2010

Have your confusions sorted right here.


Update: My confusions:

15 across: Hindu destroyer fairly vital to twin (9)
I think I worked out the answer, just not the explanation for the last two letters of what I thought was the answer.

21 down: Porter of Australian letters suggested call to hunters (6)

5 down: Guide outspoken German author and his literary output? (9)

12 across: Mulched seaport grass (7)
I don’t know my grasses.

6 down: They mark the old gurus heading last (3, 5)
Again, huh?

DA on the 25/26th of June, 2010

This week, a beauty to inaugurate his new abode at davidastle.com.

(No spoilers till Monday on this post)

Update: Another deliciously whacky theme. AL’s early comments alerted me to its peculiarity so I made sure to capture it naked, and here it is before and after my scribblings:

And while I loved the theme, goddamn it I became frustrated. While I can understand the number of obscure words given the theme, what really annoyed me was some of strange wording. That the answer to the veldt clue really had to be what I thought it couldn’t be was the last straw, and I stopped bothering with the rest.

A great theme, but not a brilliant crossword to my mind.

A New Type of Cryptic Crossword Forum

I’ve been a big fan of a question-answering site on programming called Stack Overflow.

The fine people at Stack Overflow are now allowing people to propose websites that follow the same structure on their own topics of interest, and I thought a Stack Overflow-style site would be great for cryptic crosswords.

So, if you’re interested in seeing one of these things happen, get behind the website proposal I’ve started at Area 51.

Update: and this is what I said to JD in the comments, which should serve to make things at least a little bit clearer:

JD, it’s perhaps easiest if you have a look at Stack Overflow to understand what kind of site I’m hoping is made. Basically, Stack Overflow is a nicely done question-and-answer site for programming. I hope that one of those is created but on the subject of cryptic crosswords.

Before a cryptic crossword question-and-answer site gets created, though, it needs to be proposed and enough people have to show an interest in it. That’s what the Area 51 site does: it sees if a topic holds enough interest amongst the internet community to be worth making a question-and-answer site out of.

That’s why I would like people to register and follow it on Area 51. If people don’t do that, a question-and-answer site on cryptic crosswords won’t be created at all.