DA for the 28/29th of May, 2010

Say all you want to say about this week’s DA right here.

(No spoilers till Monday)

5 thoughts on “DA for the 28/29th of May, 2010

  1. It was always going to be a big ask to follow up on last week’s work of art but this week’s is not bad at all….not as beautiful but probably harder.My picks:14A 25A 27A and 16D(which took ages to figure out cryptically.

  2. While I solved 16D I still haven’t worked out the cryptic for it but I have a quibble over the clue which should have an apostrophe either before or after the ‘s’ in cowboys – much the same as 3D.

  3. Good honest crossword, this one. Tough-ish, and no complaints other than the 16D clue apostrophe.

    I liked 27A, even though it’s a variation on an old joke. 18D was a nicely constructed &lit., and 11D was neat.

  4. Agree with all AG’s comments (but 18D should be 18A). And I also liked 12A and 19D/26A. And 8D (although I don’t think it’s quite accurate).

  5. I’m OS again but managed to find a copy of this DA by Wednesday. It took a while to get technophobia and then the rest fell out quickly.

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