DA on the 21st/22nd of May, 2010

AL has already mentioned this one’s a ripper, so now’s the time to set some time aside and have a crack.

(No spoilers till Monday)

Update: A splendid cracker:

The word from Sydney was so good on this crossword that I scanned it before I had put pen to paper. So here it is, for whomever might have missed it:

15 thoughts on “DA on the 21st/22nd of May, 2010

  1. Oh the joy! I take all my hats off to DA for a true masterpiece.Impossible to pick a favourite, it’s all brilliant.

  2. Yes, an absolute ripper. Not for the faint-hearted (or the beginner). This would be about the standard of the Guardian Geniius.

  3. I’d say ‘rip-snorter’ myself. My 15 year old daughter had to tell me 1, 4 D (there must have been something lacking in my youth), and the * clues fell out. I don’t know how Mom faired as her phone is not working.

  4. I’m impressed your 15-year old could help you out on the theme at all, Peter.

    Just worked out the theme and am in renewed awe of DA.

  5. Impressive. I don’t think I could cope with one of these every week though! One more to go …

  6. Yeah, this one’s a lot of fun. Getting 1/4D early certainly helped, but still required some time and mental effort to crack open the key to the starred words. Found most clues & answers fairly satisfying, and no real points of contention come to mind. All in all, a very successful execution of a brilliant theme.

  7. Best for some time. Not all that difficult, I thought, but brilliantly put together. I don’t know about others’ experiences, but the best bit for me was how the theme and its connections sort of dawned gradually, piecemeal, rather than the whole thing coming in a flash and just falling out.

  8. Just to confirm though – is the clue for 1, 4-Down incorrectly bold? (meaning the “24-across 19-down” should not be in bold typeface? And should it not read “24 DOWN 19-down”?

    Otherwise a very entertaining piece!

  9. Just got it all; did need the hint from AL and Peter on DA confoundings! Agree with JM above on the two irritating errors. I suspect Fairfax edditing here.

    My birthday today – great present.

  10. A brilliant crossword indeed!

    Yes, JM and GH, Fairfax printers/editors screwed up big time with the clue to 1D/4D. Incorrect bold typeface plus incorrect reference to 24A when it should have been 24D made it more difficult than it should have been. In a “normal week”, I would have immediately twigged to the incorrect bolding, but as the asterisked clues all had answers containing more letters than their clues indicated, I thought that somehow this clue must also have gained some extra letters! Well done Fairfax!

    One more distraction for me was the DA instruction: “the six starred clues …… make five undefined words, plus a phrase, that join the grid”. I incorrectly interpreted the phrase “join the grid” to mean that these six answers together could then be arranged to make something meaningful that related to the crossword as a whole. Only when I’d finished did I realise a) I was wrong; and b) it was a ridiculously fanciful interpretation!

  11. Very much fun, but that 18D was a killer. The second image seems to be the same as the first – got the unfilled one anywhere?

  12. Oops, I mistakenly put the same crossword up twice.

    The empty one is up there now.

  13. My wife & I finshed last week & agree it was a wonderful crossword – still don’t understand the wordplay for 1D, 4D. Can anyone assist?

  14. 1D/4D “making Vincent vino and brandy, boy” is the cryptic part of the clue and it unravels like this: to make Vincent vino you must transform “cent” into “o” and to make brandy boy you must transform “rand” into “o”. In both cases, you are transforming money into nothing! As I said in the other thread, I reckon it’s the wrong way round – it’s really “nothing for money”.

  15. Thanks so much, agree “nothing for money” is more accurate & DA usually reliable re accuracy

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