An AS Special

Ever so slowly, I’ve put a clue or two away and made myself a crossword. This one should be easier than the last one I made, which was too hard, but not so easy that it’s a walkover.

Anyway, have a crack if you’re interested and the prospect of a DH tomorrow fills you with indifference:


7. Seeing part of each meal out of order (6)
8. Philanderer turned harlot into nymph (8)
9. Cultural group X reportedly in Catalonia (4)
10. Thrice do entries bamboozle Hatters (10)
11. “Exemplary echidnas stake eight!” report headlines reassuringly state (9)
13. Follow speeches from the last to the first (5)
15. Be last to raise twice: English die splits the middle (5, 2, 3, 4)
18. Ringmaster heard Kenny left the arena (5)
20. Inveigles Spooner, on a poorer wage, to head south (9)
24. Flower punch to last too long (10)
25. Second person’s essentially hurt by Rocky, yes? (4)
26. French Fleming?! (8)
27. Net embraced fashionable fork twenty years ago on computers (6)


1. View what promo left behind (6)
2. Move slowly to Bern (4)
3. Replete with sorrow, confused men fault at length (9)
4. Fasten together strips for internal support (5)
5. Golfing standards taking a turn for the worse? You can say that again (6)
6, 14. See 14 down (8)
8. Spiker smashes first five clearly (5)
12. First 17-down energised for two or more 17-downs (3)
14. See 6 down (9)
16. Novel Scotch John’s French relation (8)
17. He-man’s sister lost sibilance to an apportioned 12-down (3)
19. Drug binge confession of liveliness (6)
21. Light-fingered lord sheds pet vulgar line (5)
22. Consider the same stereo’s dials to pause sound (6)
23. Nature lover’s union success (5)
25. Northerner’s pull (4)

5 thoughts on “An AS Special

  1. If you haven’t done it over a couple of leisurely hours at the most, AL, I’m afraid I’ve made the crossword too hard yet again.

    And I’m glad you liked 1 down. I was quite happy with that one, as I was with 2 down.

  2. Done, I think. A very enjoyable change and I think you did an excellent job. Add to my list of faves 2D 23D and 25A.Look forward to the solution to confirm.

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