DA on the 7/8th of May

It’s not usually two thematic crosswords in a row, but I’m betting this one’s a goodie.

Am I right?

(No spoilers in the comments of this post till Monday)

Update: Yep, an easy one, although I still managed to miss a couple:

7 thoughts on “DA on the 7/8th of May

  1. This one is good fun with some good Aussie references and much good wit. It tumbled outin half-a-cup-of-coffee’s time at morning tea (albeit it was a big cup, and cold by the end).

  2. It took me two cups. Never completed DA so early. I now have a free afternoon.

  3. Yeah, one cup for me too. Certainly seemed a lot easier than last week. Nothing that really got me excited, though. 3D wasn’t bad, but no real standouts.

  4. Easiest for a long while, I thought. No real standout clues for me – 2D was nifty. A couple of queries over in the other thread.

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