Confused by DA from the 23rd/24th of April

Here’s where you can scratch your head in public.

Confusions here!

17 thoughts on “Confused by DA from the 23rd/24th of April

  1. but… where is the definition for 1D?

    And why is G = legend (in 1A)?

    I do like 11A.

    Still stuck on a few in the bottom left hand corner. Hoping they’ll be obvious when I look at it again tomorrow…

  2. jo, 1D:
    definition: i took this clue to be an &lit, thus the definition is the whole clue. i took this to be a reference to something like camouflage

    G: legend = leg end = end of leg = ‘g’

    my one query:
    12A: i’m not sure on the second half. is the pose “on box” (as in tuckerbox), and the “on” part of that acting as a wordplay element? or is the construction a bit (or a lot) different?

  3. Re 1D:
    I’ve found that when DA ends a clue with an ‘!’, it generally means that the whole clue is the definition, even if the various parts of it are also used as wordplay – the indication of anagrams etc.

  4. mic – best I could think of was dog = shadow and dog in gundagai pose = “on box”, hence shadow on (in front of) box. Looks like “dog” is working twice in the clue?

  5. Re 12A, that’s what I thought too at first (“dog” is doing double duty). But then I thought that a cleaner explanation is that just “in Gundagai pose” = on box. And “dog” is used only once to give “shadow”.

    Re 1D, I agree this is an &lit with the whole clue being the definition (although IMO, as is often the case with &lits, it’s not a particularly good definition). And DA always marks &lits (and partial &lits) with “!”. But he occasionally uses “!” in other situations too.

  6. like jo, am having trouble with SW corner, had another look this morning through bloodshot eyes but came up with zip.

    need help with 17A,26A,27A,14D and 18D

  7. JJ – 26A is an anagram “at vehicle” definition typeface eg Arial, Times New Roman

  8. spiros, thanks, once i got the idea out of my head that i had to put rot after the p, 14d was solved, i was aware that 16A was an anagram and with the help of the first letter got it. three to go.

  9. JJ, 18D, eat your greens! 17A, old means prehistoric, and a DA favourite, academic = don. 27A, a sheep is a tup.

  10. jg, ta, got 18D & 17A, just need 27A. time for a hair of the dog after a long ANZAC day

  11. Hephaestus kept me in Europe for longer than expected so I haven’t seen DA for a few weeks. Found this DA in Singapore on the way through and solved it jet lagged before I got to Sydney I (as well as watching the movie Bright Star, which I think is brilliant). I phoned Mom to brag that I got it out so quickly to find that she had well and truly beaten me to it. There was lots for both of us to enjoy.

  12. Agnes is the last half of “champagnes”; and Teacher is the singular of Teachers (scotch) as well as being a professional who teaches a class (or form).

  13. Hi All; Am I the only dummy that can’t work out 14d. in the 24th.April DA? Best I can do is ‘protochip’ unless I have gone horribly wrong somewhere. Please help. BH.

  14. Hi BH,
    I can’t remember the clue, but the answer was photoshop. Something to do with desktop editing? I remember it because I had it wrong as well ( publisher)

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