The Confusions on the 16/17th of April

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20 thoughts on “The Confusions on the 16/17th of April

  1. Very clever crossie this week, but I do have a couple of whinges:
    10,11A: Spelling and punctuation seem to have been abandoned here. First, it should have been (1,4,2,5’1,8). This isn’t the first time DA has ignored this convention. Shame, say I! Second, I couldn’t find “lothing” anywhere. I believe that not even the Yanks spell it this way. “Loth” as an adjective, yes, but not as a verb.

    4D: I was going to complain about debate = row, but I can’t now because I did find this meaning, albeit an obsolete usage

    5D: consecutive wins = slam? Seems a bit sloppy to me, whether it’s bridge/tennis/golf.

  2. 10,11A: Whoops! I’ve just realised that it’s not a misspelling of “loathing” at all, but a homophone, indicated by “so-called”.

  3. Ah yes, haiku, my initial (unfounded) beef (which I retracted when I realised it was a homophone) was only about the last part of the clue (the “lothing” bit). I was always happy about the anagram part (filches weapons => A WOLF IN SHEEP’S C).

    My whinge that “sheep’s” should be (5’1) rather than (6) still stands, of course.

    And some (not me – I’m on the fence on this one) would quibble at the anagram indicator too. They would argue that “bombs” placed AFTER the anagram fodder is not particularly felicitous. “Bombed” maybe; or “bombs” placed BEFORE the anagram fodder. IMO, this quibble has some merit, but I’m so used to DA’s anagram indications now that I’ll only complian about the most egregious.

  4. I have enjoyed the puzzle this weekend but have come down to two answers that elude me – 22D and 25A. Any assistance would be appreciated – subtle if you wish to avoid spoilers. Also, I’ve got 19A – yes, cheeky – but I’m not sure of how I got it. What’s the wordplay here? Something on ‘blog’ I’m guessing…

  5. Do you mean 22A? As for 25A, the definition is “dated article”. And the clue for 13A might help you too.

    19A is beautiful, intricate (tortuous?):
    A cyber-journal rejected, describing a = GOLBA describing A = GAOLBA
    ‘sex appeal’ = IT
    of Lolita = GAOL BAIT

  6. DA explained his notation for apostrophes last(?) week in his Wordplay column (in Saturday’s SMH): apostrophes for possesives aren’t shown (“dog’s bone” is (4, 4)) but apostrophes for omitted letters are shown (“aren’t shown” is (4’1, 5)). I wasn’t convinced: for example, “shan’t” is not “shall not” with a few letters missing.

  7. Thanks RB, yes I did make a mistake with 22D: I meant 23D. I should have got 25A, especially because DA seems to have 13 Acrosses as a ‘minor theme’ this week. As for 19A; ‘beautiful’, ‘intricate’ or ‘tortuous’ are not the first words that spring to my mind – still, it’s very clever. ‘Rejected’ for ‘reversed’? Mmmm. Guess I should have picked it, having spent so much nof this weekend staring at the clue!

  8. Thanks JG for that. Now I know what DA’s MO is, I can cope with it. You say “shan’t” is a bit unusual, but “won’t” is even stranger!

    SM ), what’s the significance of the “)” in your moniker? Re 19A, DA has used “rejected” to mean “reversed” a few times now, so I’m used to it. Re 23D, here’s a hint if you still need it (it was one of the last ones I got too): the crucial word in the clue is “ends”.

  9. we’ve finished it but can’t justify 2D… Most of the letters in it can be found in 1D (but what to do with the other letters?) and what’s “salt” got to do with anything…?
    thanks everyone

  10. Grab minus AB is G-R
    1d is Rolls Royce – for 2d rolls is anagram indicator so O-C-E-R-Y is the anagram

    8d Mid-evening approximately means that kinda in middle of ‘evening’ is E-N-I-N
    ‘About’ indicates reversal (think ‘about face’)

  11. I confess I was defeated rather badly this week – had to give up on most of the north-west corner. On going to the solution, I don’t really know why – it was all good. Liked the whole thing, and no real beefs about the clues.

    Would like an explanation of the wordplay for 28A, please.

  12. Annoyance (‘chagrin’) (gout) (‘g’ out —> ‘charin’)
    AFTER odd (letters of) StArCh —-> ‘sac’

  13. Re 18D, I reckon it’s a double (or even triple) definition:
    “Mascot” = BULLDOG (some military institutions, sports teams and other organisations have a bulldog as their mascot).
    “13-across” (oxymoron) sort of describes the bulldog (a bull and a dog are two different animals) – I found this part of the clue a bit strained.
    “of AFL or NRL …” refers to Western Bulldogs(AFL) and Canterbury Bulldogs (NRL).

    20D: This lacks a good definition IMO.
    “… and another” I think this is the definition (albeit a weak one). Like the last answer, this one also juxtaposes two different animals, in this case ant and bear, to make ANTBEAR (a term apparently sometimes used to refer to the aardvark).
    “outright aberrant creation” = anagram of ‘aberrant’ minus ‘r’ = ANTBEAR

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