DA on the 19/20th of March, 2010

What’s the story?

I’m betting it’s a good one.

(No spoilers until Monday)

Update: An solid, enjoyable one:

I quit just short of victory, but I had had enough fun for one weekend. A quality crossword.

5 thoughts on “DA on the 19/20th of March, 2010

  1. I think DA is on a bit of a roll at the moment. Lots to like about this week’s crossie:
    1A was clever and the down clues were great; 1D 3D(hilarious) 19D 20D and 22D. After all that I pick 11A as my favourite.

  2. Mixed feelings for me with this one. Enjoyable, much as last week’s in difficulty. My faves were 10A, 17A, 3D, 19D. But unlike last week I have some whinges and please-explains in the other section.

  3. Yeah, a bit patchy. 11A, 3D, 22D were my favourites. Just cannot get 27A, 19D. I’ll try the other thread.

  4. Overall, an entertaining DA this week…just a bit of a struggle with the SW corner in the end…but thanks to others in the confusion thread all has been revealed.

    p.s. Had DA used the words ‘vaguely’ or ‘humdrum’ preceding the term
    ‘comic duo’ in 12A, I think I might have worked it out a lot quicker!!!

    p.s.s. However, given how the clue works, it’s very clever in that he uses ‘recycled’ and ‘drivel’ to also desc

  5. oops…hit the wrong key…anyway…to also describe them within the clue… I therefore award DA a gold logie for this one…too controversial???s

    Apologies for typing skills…

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