DA Gold from the 12/13th of March

14 across: Career shift nearly converted to chase rainbows? (3-4)
Excellent direct clue: career shift nearly converted = fly fisht nearly = fly fish = to chase rainbows.

19 across: Rose dominating? Ring 501-150 (6)
Excellent placement of the question mark: Ring 501-150 = L I one L = Lionel = Rose dominating ring.

20 across: Tiny blonde bombshell whose quintet was celebrated (4, 6)
Another brilliant direct clue: tiny blonde bombshell = Enid Blyton = whose quintet was celebrated.

5 down: Feller for Spooner’s rational task (8)
Spooner’s are always fun. This one is no exception: Spooner’s rational task = Spooner’s sane chore = chainsaw = feller.

23 across: Sharply returned rose-wreathed cake (8)
Fantastic: rose-wreathed cake = red wreathed torte = retorted = sharply returned.

15 down: _ETTLE T__ BI__? (5, 3)
Just genius: the missing letters are shell, so shell out = settle the bill = _ettle t__ bi__.

16 across: Flashier subhead by show-off? (7)
A risque piece of DA magic: subhead by show-off = s by wanker = swanker = flashier.

One thought on “DA Gold from the 12/13th of March

  1. You didn’t spell it out (maybe you thought it too obvious), but I think it’s worth mentioning that the Enid Blyton clue featured a really neat anagram (tiny blonde). The anagram indicator was perhaps debatable, but it did suit the surface reading brilliantly.

    Another neat anagram, which you didn’t include, was 2D (nasty human’s food => a month of Sundays).

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