Confused by DA on the 12/13th of March

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29 thoughts on “Confused by DA on the 12/13th of March

  1. Think I’ve finished it but I’m a bit confused on 19A… I think I’ve got a synonym for “rose dominating” but what on earth are those numbers about?

  2. At first I didn’t get 19A either. The numbers were OK; I just couldn’t explain the “dominating? Ring” bit. Then the penny dropped!

    18A: If I’ve worked this out correctly then “vets” is an anagram indicator. Don’t like it.

    5D: Another one of those aw/ore homophones that I pronounce differently but everybody else is happy with!

    15D: Great clue! But I do have a quibble with the spacing of the clue. I didn’t spot the infinitesimal gap just before the “B” so I thought T–BI– was one word!

  3. I knocked this DA out a lot quicker than any other DA I’ve tackled for a while, except for one glaring exception. I can’t for the life of me piece together the wordplay for 1D. Could someone please give me the tiniest of hints?

  4. Is this tiny enough? These are the components of the clue:
    more tasteless
    by swallowing second (the “by” is important)
    infusion (containment indicator)

  5. I agree with you, RB, I had the same issues with 18A and 15D.

    Did anyone else get stuck for a while because they had the 4th and 6th letters of 8A, and assumed that the answer must be a different suburb that also borders Mosman?? Fortunately I didn’t write it in without confirming the wordplay.

  6. RB, can i assume that beer = ALE?
    also, does hot = RANDY?
    does “by” mean multiplication, therefore X? or does it mean B and Y
    does second = B?

  7. mic:
    can i assume that beer = ALE?………………yes
    also, does hot = RANDY?……………………….yes
    does “by” mean multiplication, therefore X? or does it mean B and Y……it means X
    does second = B?……

  8. EUREKA!
    i had all the pieces all along except for the “swallowing second”. whenever i entertained the correct interpretation of ‘more tasteless’, i assumed that that was the source of the L in the answer

  9. Yes, at first I too went down that path, but, as you can attest, it leads nowhere!

  10. jo, the answer to 19A is LIONEL, as in Lionel Rose, the champion boxer, and 501-150 is: 50 = L, 1 = I, 1 = ONE, and 50 = L.

  11. So, in 1D “by swallowing second” actually means “by replacing second”. No wonder I couldn’t understand it.

  12. RJ…

    I think what you mean by ‘by replacing second’ actually means ‘removing/getting rid of second’

    more tasteless=blander
    swallowing second=removing (swallowing) second letter of blander
    thus you are left with bander

    Anyway that’s how I saw that part of the 1D clue…hope I’m not sounding too picky

  13. From the world of alternates.

    21A: Bantam offensive to audience (4)

    Bantam = weight
    Audience = sounds like wait
    Wait is “offensive to audience”


    Needs an “!”.

    Anyway, didn’t put it in.

    Carry on.

  14. Too picky, di? Never! Now it’s my turn to pick. IMO, RJ’s “by replacing second” is the correct interpretation, because it explains why X occupies the position between B and ANDER. If your interpretation were correct then X would have to appear (in the answer) after ANDER.

    Alternatively, if it were to be “infused” afterwards, along with RANDY and ALE, then the word “by” (in the clue) would have to appear after “beer”.

  15. Yep RB…I am a total dill!!! Realised after that I was not correct…so i’m glad you
    posted as i was about to correct myself…thought that DA may have been using ‘swallowing’ in a different way this time…but i see the error of my convoluted ways…

    Hope I am forgiven, RJ

  16. TT – for 21A I think the logic is Bantam = a fowl, which sounds like something offensive.

  17. CS, for 12A, ‘kind’ = type, so ‘kind lacking vitamin’ (E) is “typ”. ‘hence’ = thus, so ‘hence temperature dropped’ is “hus”. Together they give “typhus” = ‘disease’.
    I don’t have a problem with 21A: ‘bantam’ = “fowl” sounds like “foul” = ‘offensive’.

  18. di, of course you are forgiven. We all have to throw around different ideas.

    I was surprised that (s)wanker was allowed in a family newpaper.

  19. Yes, DA is a bit risque at times. But that’s one of his attractions. You just don’t know what he’s going to get up to next! When you first think it might be “wanker” (or whatever), your first reaction is “no, it couldn’t be that, could it?”. Then a few seconds later, you realise that it is!

    As for allowing it in a family newspaper, it’s quite likely that nobody at The Age knows! As long as it’s not an obvious “four-letter word” that appears as a complete answer in the grid, I think these things will go unnoticed.

    This is in stark contrast to the TARGET puzzle, where a few years ago (I don’t do that puzzle now) I noticed some startling omissions. Body parts between waist and knee were routinely omitted, as were other words that might possibly embarrass a Mary Whitehouse, regardles of whether they were to be found in dictionaries.

  20. Peter & JG,

    Don’t get me wrong; I had FOWL. I just like looking for alternate answers.

  21. RB…haven’t heard the ref. ‘ a Mary Whitehouse’ in ages!!! Thanks for that:)

  22. Yes, it does. Have you just got back from last Sunday’s cleansing ale? (See other thread for explanation of that comment).

  23. RB…please put me out of my misery, what is 17D. Finished yesterdays DA last night, so it’s cleansing ale time this afternoon and a bit of a flutter on the GG’s

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