DA Makes My Head Spin on the 5/6th of March, 2010


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19 thoughts on “DA Makes My Head Spin on the 5/6th of March, 2010

  1. Just one small detail eludes me. How does ‘in course’ produce ‘h’ in 11D?

  2. Thanks Peter, I was stuck on that too.

    Think I can see what 17A must be but no idea why…? I get the ‘section’ but why ‘on’?

  3. jo: you can work it out, sport!

    21D: Is “mainly” here indicating the removal of the first two letters? Seems a bit oblique, but then again, the clue still remains quite gettable

  4. Finished, but I have a few answers which have gone in because they fit and match part of the clues. 9A and 14D are the two that stand out for me. I’d never heard of the expression for 9A – it came up on Google and, well, the last one – it’ll do. 14D fits the ‘chicken’ bit, but the rest of the clue eludes me. Any help would be appreciated.

  5. Thanks for clearing up 11D for me, Peter. Re 14D, that was definitely the most challenging wordplay to sort out. Sounds like you have the right answer, though, SM ). “Gutted, prepared” supplies the middle four letters of the answer, followed by “about”; these elements are then fed into “zoological business” (ha, ha!)

  6. I too took a while to understand why 14D was right. JJ’s explanation seems to me right in principle but slightly off in the detail: to me, it’s five letters (AREDY), followed by C for about, in the “zoological business”. Love the clue.

    jo, it took me (a cricket buff, and all) a little while to realise what was going ON. I suffered along the way fom my usual complaint of not knowing whether a run-on clue is complete in itself or not. (In this case, it was, which is how I like it.)

    My only minor whinge is on the wordplay for 21D. I agree with mic (reading this into his post) that when you use a signifier to remove more than a single letter, things start to become a bit fuzzy and arbitrary. Actually, I initially interpreted “mainly” as “on the ocean” (the [bounding] main), so that “polar hazard mainly” was ICEBERG; so was thus looking to “disoriented” to get of the IC. mic and Peter set me right.

    Other than that, as I said in the other thread, I reckon this was a clear-cut gem of a DA.

  7. Thanks for the 11D explanation Peter. I too was convinced it was DISPLAY H rather than PLAY inside DISH.

    jo: just in case you’re still stumped(!) on 17A, the “leg” side at cricket is also called the “on” side. This explains why the fielding positions on that side of the wicket sometimes contain the word “leg” (square leg, leg slip, fine leg, etc) and sometimes the word “on” (mid on, long on, etc).

    Re 14D: I’m with JJ’s explanation. I reckon “gutted” means remove the middle letter (to give REDY) rather than being an anagram indicator (to give AREDY). But since “about” can yield C or CA, I suppose it could work either way.

    Re 21D: I agree with the misgivings about “mainly” being used to drop the first two letters of “iceberg”. And I’m not sure about the use of “disoriented”. To me it signifies an anagram rather than a reversal. But maybe that’s just me.

    18A: Not sure how “affecting hearing” can yield an adverb (“aurally”).

    13D: “fraud” noun; “diddle” verb. Seems to be a mismatch?

    9A: Can’t get this one. Is it BINGO LINGO? Why?

  8. 9A: Bingo wings = Saggy arms! Imagine, if you will, a person of a certain age lifting their arm up to shout “bingo!”, and in so doing generating a bit of wobble where the tricep muscle normally is. A good friend of mine was petrified of getting them at the grand old age of 28, so joined a gym …

  9. Bingo wings?!!
    Now that’s abstruse. A *very* oblique definition, plus a charade that refers
    to a Sydney-only department store that shutdown 5 years!
    Pardon my french, but that’s cr*p.

  10. I’ve never heard of the term “bingo wings”! Now I understand the reference to “saggy arms”! And Gowings (I have heard of that name. But only just.) I agree with MF – very abstruse. But I have to admit it’s very amusing!

  11. Help please!
    I don’t have access to the solution.
    1A and 3D have me stumped.
    I know what 1A is (I think), but can’t quite grasp the wordplay.
    Or I am missing the bleeding obvious (which often happens with a DA)….

  12. 1A – The first word is explained in the brackets, the second word is a anagram of ‘is hot’

    3D – anagram of ‘sleep trial or’

  13. Hello, could someone please explain 14D in the March 6th DA.
    My answer is ‘scaredy cat’ I got the ‘aready’ for gutted prepared and ‘c’ or ‘ca’ for about. This is then fed into ‘scat’…..Zoological business ??? BH.

  14. REDY (gutted prepared) CA (about) is fed into SCAT (zoological business).

    It looks like you’re unaware that one meaning of scat is “animal dung”. I couldn’t find this particular meaning of “scat” in my dictionary, but “scatology” is there. And googling “scat” does reveal this particular meaning.

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