Huh? for the First DA of Feb, 2010

Tell us of your confusions below and someone through the aether will respond.

Update: Most of my confusions have already been sorted by you find commenters already, yet I still have this one issue:

23 across: Check issue (4)
I don’t get how issue connects to the answer as stated in the comments.

The Verdict on the First DA of Feb, 2010

Good, bad, indifferent?

I reckon it’s time for a theme. Have I guessed correctly?

(No spoilers on this post until Monday)

Update: It’s a theme all right:

Yes, this one’s a sweet delight, and an excellent head bender even when the key 4-down is put away. I’ve ultimately been held back from taking it all out with what I find most difficult: DA’s short clues.

Part of the Para Pantheon at least.

DA Around the Traps

Ian has got the good stuff:


Update: And Tony let’s us know that here he is talking about Robert BolaƱo’s newly translated book, Amulet.

And Ian mentions more sightings in the comments.

The Golden Ones from DA’s Last of January, 2010

26 across: Harmonious threesomes finally flee such impatient coeds (9)
Brilliant trickery that must have taken a long time to think up: threesomes finally flee such impatient coeds = such – uch + impatient – ent + coeds – eds = simpatico = harmonious.

15 down: Meet single clue — not this type (3, 6)
Despite some protestations, I still reckon this one’s a goodie: single clue — not this type = run across (clue is down, not across) = run across = meet.

22 across: Retired killer gets yonks, strangling flash braggart (9)
Mo seems to be DA favourite of late: retired killer gets yonks strangling flash = retired cain age strangling mo = retired cainamoge = egomaniac = braggart.

21 down: Vaults hoisted by one charter plane (3-4)
Very clever indeed: vaults hoisted by one = atria hoisted x 1 = air-taxi = charter plane.

14 down: … against ex-follower (9)
Such terse elegance: against ex = con former = conformer = follower.

3 down: Stalks onstage, it’s said? (7)
I was too busy thinking of homophones to get this one: onstage it’s said = rhubarb (what actors say on stage to mimic the sound of indistinct background conversation) = stalks.

12 across: Exercise Bureau regularly provides flirtatious apparel (4-2, 3)
A welcome return to the racier side of DA’s oeuvre: exercise bureau regularly = push-up bureau = push-up bra = flirtatious apparel.

The Bullshit from the last of Jan, 2010

4 down: I crack baseball side, well trimmed for online photo (9)
Awkward and bullshit in my book: I crack baseball side, well trimmed = me gap IX well – wl = megapixel = online photo.

A pixel is a little dot that gets coloured to portray an image. Get a whole bunch of them together coloured in a certain way and you have a photo.

The problem: Humans are a collection of atoms. Arrange them in the right way and you have a human. Nevertheless, if I saw human = atoms, I’d say bullshit, just as I say online photo = megapixel is bullshit too.

6 down: Flag emission source (7)
This one is flag = exhaust = emission source.

Not sure about whether flag = exhaust is bullshit or not, though. I think yes one minute, then no. Either way, it’s debatable.