DA Joy from the 26/27th of February

It’s time to fall in love all over again with DA.

Happy times.

(No spoilers in the comments till Monday.)

Update: I didn’t even look at the crossword this week.

RC in Rio has had me reminiscing of the times I spent there, where everything is in Portuguese, and English doesn’t have the same flavour.

Portuguese really is much prettier than Spanish or French or Italian — I recommend your learning it, and I thoroughly recommend your reading anything by Jorge Amado, Clarice Lispector and Machado de Assis, all of whom are largely unknown in the Anglophone world.

15 thoughts on “DA Joy from the 26/27th of February

  1. Not sure I “loved” too much in this week’s:some very obscure synonyms(I’m thinking 5A and 26A) were stretching things a bit . Still, 11, 1A was amusing and I quite liked 19A and 18D, 20D.

  2. I thought it was easier than it has been for a wee while (it took two cups of coffee). My 86 year old mom surprisingly had trouble with the theme, but she got 15A and had not heard of the idiom before so had a good chuckle. Also amusing, at first she thought 27D was EAR (= bullfighter !)

  3. Pretty reasonable but not a tear-your-hair out DA (good for a busy weekend, actually). I reckon 28A is not quite right. Agree on the obscurity of the synonyms in 5A and 26A; I’d add 7D to that as well. And does 27D need a question mark?

    Good semi-theme though, and a typically cheeky 15A.

  4. DA back in form for mine. I’m feeling the love. What’s with the complaints on 26A? Hardly obscure synonyms for DA. One of the better clues I though despite being an obvious contender to be an answer once the semi theme was discovered. I filled it in without even looking at the clue and then went looking for 3,3 and 5,3 which weren’t there. DA shows good restraint with his themes. The whole thing doesn’t fall out easily just because you get the theme which is good. I’m with AL on 18D and 20D and would add 22A and 16D as gold candidates.

  5. I thought this one was a bit rough around the edges too, but I was OK with most of those queried above, having a different set of beefs, which I’ve outlined in the Confusions thread.

    Faves were the theme and 18D.

  6. I loved this for the same reason I loved the footnoted DA. I started off thinking at first that for once instead of at least getting nearly every answer Id get nada. But I kept plugging away and even without using the Net I somehow got the whole thing.

  7. Correction needed for 28A – The Environment Minister is Garrett. Senator Wong is the Minister for Climate Change and Water.

  8. And she’s now Minister for Climate Change, Energy Efficiency and Water since Garrett’s demotion. Well spotted MC.

  9. I agree that it’s a pity about the wong minister, but it didn’t create a problem with the clue. And I love Machado de Assis. Haven’t been to Brazil for a decade, but would give up a month’s DA to be back at the Oficina do Sabor in Olinda – one of the world’s great restaurants (and cheap!).

    BTW, a good DA this week, but not a great one.

  10. I never headed up north — I was happily stuck in Rio for the most part and only got as far up as Bahia.

    Olinda and that restaurant definitely look like their on the list for next time though.


  11. Hi…haven’t posted here before…am so relieved to find other DA freaks…it’s now weds. evening and only 3 clues to go…without googling etc, only a dictionary and copious amounts of coffee/ciggies at hand!!!…have my 18 yr old and co. now into cryptics…but have warned them they must work their way up to the guru that is DA…loved 16 down this week for its DAness…cheeky and simple…

  12. I worked out that 20D is “homeboy”, but I fail to see the connection with “in float in canal”. Could someone please explain?

  13. Benadem, you’re in the wrong thread for explanations! Look in the “Confusions” thread, second comment (by RV) for an explanation of that particular clue. If you need more help, sing out!

  14. I definitely thought this was on the easy side. Helped that I got the theme within the first five minutes, and that gave me another 4-5 clues pretty instantly. Didn’t feel there were any clues that seemed all but impenetrable for a goodly amount of time (there usually are a few), though a couple eluded complete understanding of the wordplay (espec 20D – hadn’t come across canal as auditory signal before). Still enjoyed the theme, though.

  15. Thanks, RB. Like JJ, I had never encountered canal as auditory before (20D).
    I am OK with 28A. If “Environment” is used in an adjectival sense, Senators Garrett, Kelly, Wong and Combet are all “Environment Ministers” – perhaps a small “e” might have been better.

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