7 thoughts on “DA Retrospectively: 19th May, 2006

  1. If it weren’t for a bit of Googling required in the top right-hand corner, I’d have said this was as easy a DA as I can remember. It certainly adds weight to the general feeling around here that he has become more abstruse over time.

    Some nice clues here, though no show-stoppers. 14A uses a neat trick seen again recently. 21D gave me a chuckle.

    Wordplay explanation for 17D would be appreciated.

  2. hex = JUJU, ITS inside…JUJITSU is a japanese martial art

    i can’t get 23A, is it what it looks like?

    I’m stuck on the top right-hand corner too. I have three i have NO clue about, and two i have a guess i’m not TOO sure about

  3. Agree entirely with AG’s first two paras.

    mic: 23A is JIHAD (“Hook” = J; “I’d” = IHAD; “display” seems to be a filler).

    12A is worth a mention for a neat trick that DA is fond of (no sh).

    17A deserves a dishonourable mention for DA’s penchant for American spelling (ASS).

    Top right was fiendish. I still can’t get 6D, unless it’s READOUT. But why?

  4. mic: thanks for juju. New to me – too lazy to Google that one.

    RB: In hindsight, in 23A I take “display” to signify that “I’d” is being displayed in full as “I had”. If you’re still puzzling over 6D, try thinking of it as (2-5) instead of (7).

  5. Thanks AG. I originally considered “RExxxxx” but without success. And I also toyed with “REAPxxx”, where “Freshly pick” => REAP.
    Anyway I guess it must be READOPT.
    Does it go like this?
    Freshly pick up = READOPT (seems a slightly contrived word to me)
    select = OPT (seems like a trans/intrans mismatch to me, although I see my dictionary claims “select” can be intrans)
    book = READ (as in “that book is a good read”???)

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