The Golden from the Chocolate Coated – 1st Crossword of Feb, 2010

22 down: HEA_E? (5)
An outstanding DA special in a very specially themed crossword: hea_e = heave – v = v omit = vomit = heave.

4 down: Sweet athlete ad company thrice exploited (9-6)
A joy: athlete ad company thrice exploited = athlete ad co co co exploited = chocolate-coated = sweet.

Two gold nuggets seems like too few for such a brilliant crossword, but the clues alone are not as great as one would assume. It seems that the theme really drove this crossword upwards into new heights rather than the clues themselves.

Feel free to beg to differ.

3 thoughts on “The Golden from the Chocolate Coated – 1st Crossword of Feb, 2010

  1. Yes this was an 8A collection of DA 4A confections. Not surprising that by the time we got to the last clue we were ready to 22A. Really good fun, and I have a feeling DA googles regularly when composing his crossies and encourages us to do the same when solving them. What a joy to follow up on 19D and get images of the incredible Alhambra mosque in Granada, surely one of the most beautiful buildings in the world. Can’t wait for next week.

  2. Google must make writing thematic crosswords especially easier. I try to avoid having a look at Google or dictionaries in general, but I often do to confirm or disconfirm a lead (I distinctly remember the shock of discovering COYPU was indeed correct a few months back!)

    HEAVE is a classic, even more so, as you say, for its position in the clues!

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