The Bullshit from the last of Jan, 2010

4 down: I crack baseball side, well trimmed for online photo (9)
Awkward and bullshit in my book: I crack baseball side, well trimmed = me gap IX well – wl = megapixel = online photo.

A pixel is a little dot that gets coloured to portray an image. Get a whole bunch of them together coloured in a certain way and you have a photo.

The problem: Humans are a collection of atoms. Arrange them in the right way and you have a human. Nevertheless, if I saw human = atoms, I’d say bullshit, just as I say online photo = megapixel is bullshit too.

6 down: Flag emission source (7)
This one is flag = exhaust = emission source.

Not sure about whether flag = exhaust is bullshit or not, though. I think yes one minute, then no. Either way, it’s debatable.

5 thoughts on “The Bullshit from the last of Jan, 2010

  1. Well, I thought:
    4D – ‘I’ had to refer to DA or ME or similar, and baseball side had to be IX, and well trimmed had to be EL (at the end of the word), and the rest was obvious.
    6D – flag = exhaust is subtle, and I thought it was neat.

  2. “megapixel” is definitely NOT “online photo.” It’s measure of the number of pixels in a digital image. DA frequently bollocks up technology clues

  3. I don’t think anyone’s claiming it was difficult. What is being said is that the direct definition, online photo = megapixel, is not a good one.

  4. I agree, AS. Just because a clue is easy to solve doesn’t mean it can’t also be bullshit.

    As for flag=exhaust, AG and I both objected to this. My objection was that exhaust is transitive (“the steep climb exhausted me”) and flag is intransitive (“I flagged during the steep climb”). You can’t say “the steep climb flagged me”, or “I exhausted during the steep climb”. The climb did the “exhausting” and I did the “flagging”.

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