DA Joy from the 26/27th of February

It’s time to fall in love all over again with DA.

Happy times.

(No spoilers in the comments till Monday.)

Update: I didn’t even look at the crossword this week.

RC in Rio has had me reminiscing of the times I spent there, where everything is in Portuguese, and English doesn’t have the same flavour.

Portuguese really is much prettier than Spanish or French or Italian — I recommend your learning it, and I thoroughly recommend your reading anything by Jorge Amado, Clarice Lispector and Machado de Assis, all of whom are largely unknown in the Anglophone world.

The Golden from the Chocolate Coated – 1st Crossword of Feb, 2010

22 down: HEA_E? (5)
An outstanding DA special in a very specially themed crossword: hea_e = heave – v = v omit = vomit = heave.

4 down: Sweet athlete ad company thrice exploited (9-6)
A joy: athlete ad company thrice exploited = athlete ad co co co exploited = chocolate-coated = sweet.

Two gold nuggets seems like too few for such a brilliant crossword, but the clues alone are not as great as one would assume. It seems that the theme really drove this crossword upwards into new heights rather than the clues themselves.

Feel free to beg to differ.