DA’s Last in Jan 2010

What have we got this time?

(No spoilers about the crossword in this post until Monday)

Update: A solid DA:

I gave up on the last three, which I assumed I would never have gotten without some external assistance.

I think I was right given the comments.

I was also hoping for a pangrammatic crossword. I hope for that each week anyway, but I thought there was a good chance this week given 1 across. Shame that DA just missed out.

3 thoughts on “DA’s Last in Jan 2010

  1. O.K. another week another D.A. Is it my imagination or have recent puzzles featured some clues that can only be described as clunky (not easy to solve but excessively convoluted and cumbersome?)……..maybe a new category ….for which I nominate in this week’s: 1D
    Still lots to like especially 26A (sneaky) 15D,22A and 29A. 21D was my pick, short and quite sweet.3D was amusing.

  2. A couple of complaints about this one, listed in the spoilers-allowed thread. Nothing brilliant – I liked the ones AL liked, and 14D was excellent in its elegant brevity.

  3. Phew! This was a struggle, but I managed to get it out. Quite a few queries, some of which have been answered by consulting dictionary/google just now. I liked 12A, and 14D for its brevity.

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