The Motherlode: Crosswords from Way Back

Happy times peoples!

If you install Across Lite onto your computers so as to load up any one of these crossword files, you can do any Fairfax cryptic from as far back as 2004.

What that of course means is that we all might gain access to any one of the DAs that are considered lost yet form part of the DA Pantheon.

Three cheers for anyone who can find one of the lost treasures in that stack of crossword puzzle files, and if anyone can remember roughly when any of those treasures were published, comment away.

Update: I forgot to thank Oster for turning me and the rest of us onto the crossword files. So thanks Oster!

A further update: With one click, you can download all of DA’s crosswords zipped up from as far back as 2004.

A further further update: here are all the Fairfax crossword files zipped up for you.

27 thoughts on “The Motherlode: Crosswords from Way Back

  1. Wow, what a resource!

    I found the Taboo crossword (19/08/2005). Also the Product Placement crossword, which probably should be included (27/05/2005)

  2. Also the No Animal Were Harmed crossword (11/03/2005), the Sitcom crossword (22/07/2005), the Car crossword (20/10/2006), the Palindrome crossword (11/05/2007), the Melbourne Cup crossword (02/11/2007), the Supermodel crossword (27/06/2008) and the Mark Twain crossword (22/08/2008). Still trying to track down the Dylan crossword

  3. You’re welcome. Will this be the proper post to ask questions about old clues or do you not want to open that can of worms?

    Also can anyone say how much further back the DA cryptics go? I read an interview somewhere that I seem to recall indicated he had set many more than the 300 or so we have now. Who did he take over from and were they any good? Be curious to learn whether there were any decent predecessors to the current bunch in the SMH/Age.

    A memorable favourite from 2004 so far…

    Lamb in flambe thus protected (8)

  4. Maybe AS could occasionally select an old one from the archive and open up a new thread to discuss it?

  5. Oster, I think DA has been doing them for over 20 years now, so there’s plenty more from before 2004 — and on the radio show he was on recently, he said his early crosswords were even more difficult!

    LH is spoken of fondly, but I think I was only starting out in the cryptic caper back when he was compiling so I can’t say much about him.

    RB, your wish is my command.

  6. More for the Pantheon: The Simpsons Crossword (19/09/2008); The Tasmanian Crossword (02/10/2008); The Beer Crossword (24/10/2008).

    And (drum roll): The AC/DC Crossword 923/12/2008)

  7. And some more: The Beach Crossword (23/01/2009); The Little Piggy Crossword 920/03/2009); The Highway Crossword 910/04/2009); The Goodbye Crossword (15/05/2009); The Something Old, Something New Crossword (29/05/2009); The Footnote Crossword 24/07/2009) and The Orwell Crossword 14/08/2009). Still looking for the Dylan Crossword. Also I seem to recall a Premiers Crossword in May one year. Maybe it was 2003?

  8. The premiers crossword is in 2004, somewhere in the first 10 or so i’d say.

  9. Found it! The Premiers Crossword (2004/05/14)

    Also The First Palindromes Crossword (04/06/2004); The Latham vs Howard Crossword (08/10/2004); The If You Want to Make an Omelette Crossword (17/06/2005); The Canine Crossword (16/09/2005); The Card Game Crossword (21/10/2005); The Harry Potter Crossword (21/01/2006); The Dinosaur Crossword (19/05/2006); The Animated Feature Crossword ( 06/10/2006); The Peter Allen Crossword (17/11/2006); and The Snooker Crossword (08/12/2006).

    Mr Zimmerman still eluding me.

  10. have just come across this and am in an absolute state of rapture! thank you so very much! someone has even provided the date to the harry potter crossword i was looking for- how thoughtful! your website was mentioned at the DA talk at the wheeler centre last night- i wanted to ask if there was an archive of his crosswords, but it seemed like such a mundane question… am stoked to have been able to find it.

    p.s. i don’t suppose anyone has managed to find the cloudstreet crossword, have they? i seem to recall it was around the same time as harry potter- will have a dig through and post the date.

    from one very happy gal!

  11. I found the cloudstreet crossword (27/01/2006)

    I’m not sure about the date for the Harry Potter one though 21/01/2006 is a DS crossword

  12. Caitlin – I recall doing the Cloudstreet crossword and discovering to my alarm that DA could be a little sloppy: 8D implied that Lon Lamb was the Lamb’s first son, whereas he was in fact their youngest son, and – even worse – 21D implied that Red Lamb was Lon’s brother, but Red was a girl.

  13. Yes that crossword was just for star. I must admit to never having read cloudstreet and I haven’t done the crossword. I have an intense dislike for Tim Winton’s writing, made even worse by having to study it in year 12 english.

  14. I have 61 Fairfax cryptics from 2003 in .puz format, including 11 DAs. Do I send them to Wikileaks or DA Trippers?

    E-mail me, oh webmaster!

  15. Rob, definitely send over the puzzles from 2003.

    Email them to the address in the sidebar and I’ll make them available on the blog.

  16. Sadly, the link to Across Lite does not seem to work for me…is this the same with others?

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