2010’s 2nd DA

Sydneysiders still get in first with the DA goodstuff. At least for a few minutes, my impatience is diverted by the kenken puzzles that The Age has only recently started to publish, but not on Saturdays.

DA, Friday still misses you.

(No spoilers till Monday)

Update: I didn’t do it.

For the first time in a long time, I didn’t do the DA while in Melbourne. I had a quick look in a cafe, worked out LOST CAUSE and SIGNED UP and never went back to it.

By the sounds of things, though, this week’s was rather a frustrating one. I harbour the suspicion that working out LOST CAUSE was what stopped me bothering with the rest of it: COST LAWS as a slow movement towards anarchy was a DA-ism that I thought pretty poor and which put me off the rest of the damn thing.

I’ll be back, but I think I needed a break, and I get the impression that I chose a good week to take that break.

3 thoughts on “2010’s 2nd DA

  1. another pretty good one from DA this week……8D a bit on the obscure side. My pick, 10A…a perfect mix of the false trail with a cross-reference and some tricky letter juggling.

  2. 11A obscure as well. Nice combination of 25D, 13A and 5D. I also liked 28A, 6A and 4D. Possible quibbles with 9A and 14D …

  3. Finding this one a bit tough – I’ve only got 9 answers so far… Hard to say if it is any harder this week though as the other (better) half of my DA team has gone overseas.

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