Confused by the New Year DA

Ask your questions here and start off your new year with a DA fully explained.

Update: painful:

5 down: Blue framed by important brickwork? (10)

17 across: Tough, evil leader steps down, ready for the blade (7)

23 across: Airless planet axes relations (7)
Does Neptune have anything to do with this one or not?

32 across: Stall regarding pitch (5)

19 down: Report wise to include dearest sort recently (9)

8 down: Daring film centre quashed by Ten (5)
I’m certain I’ve never heard of the answer to this clue.

30 across: Flat pace (3)
Is it pad or ped? If so, why?

21 across: I’m back-to-front describing lair riders (7)
I can’t quite explain why DA appears as it does in addenda.

13 down: Staff audited top refugee, unkindly (5, 6)
Never would have had a chance solving this one if not for the Q at the start of the first word.

18 thoughts on “Confused by the New Year DA

  1. Quite right, they’re from Venezuela and Colombia. The Argentinian would be a gaucho.

  2. Also, sudokus are not magic squares. they ARE types of latin squares, but although magic squares and latin squares are similar, they are mutually exclusive

    Can someone please explain the following to me?

    12A: does pet = fond somehow?
    21A: is describing a containment indicator somehow?
    26A: Is this volume? i can’t quite explain either part of the clue satisfactorily…
    2D: is “times” giving “xx”? how do you get two x’s and not one?

  3. mic, I had the same queries as you. I consulted The Shorter Oxford and Google and came up with these explanations.

    12A: pet = specially cherished or favourite
    fond = cherished with unreasonable affection (eg of hopes, opinions etc)

    21A: describe = trace the form or outline of (eg describe a circle with a compass)

    26A: content can mean capacity, size, volume. And (this is my def) volume can be used interchangeably with sound as in “turn up the volume/sound”

    2D: I agree. I reckon this is DA Bullshit. “times” = X, not XX. And I wasn’t thrilled with “in the ultimate” = Z (the preposition “in” seems inappropriate, and “ultimate” = Z seems a bit tenuous to me).

    Now for my problems:
    1A Is it GREED (craving or naughty craving)? But the wordplay?

    9A: Is “apparently” an acceptable homophone indicator?

    10A: Surely it should be (7’1,3)?

  4. RB:

    1A: yup, greed. the literal clue is just craving, the cyptic clue is greyed – y

    re 21A: still seems suss to me. to describe something is to trace the outline of something, so to describe a den is not to contain it but to outline the shape of a den

  5. RB, i share your other two problems, i just wanted to keep my list as short as possible

  6. AS, your problems:
    5D: It’s BLUE not BOND! maybe that’s the cause of your confusion.
    blue = ROW
    important = TELLING

    17A: tough = LEATHERY
    evil leader steps down => remove E
    ready for the blade = LATHERY

    22A: airless planet = NEPTUNE minus TUNE (air) = NEP
    axes = HEWS
    relations = NEPHEWS

  7. Thanks RB, and BLUE wouldn’t have helped I don’t think. (Now fixed).

  8. That should have been 23A, not 22A.

    32A: TARRY (double def)

    19D: report wise = YY
    dearest sort = ESTERDA
    recently = YESTERDAY

    8D: I agree – I’d never heard of MOXIE either, but I did manage to work it out from the cryptic part.

    30A: It’s PAD. Flat as in apartment. Pace as in “the animal paced/padded up and down”.

    21A: I’m back-to-front = AD (back), DA (front)

    13D: I agree.

  9. REPORT WISE = YY is a classic.

    TARRY is now added to the vocabulary, as is MOXIE.

    Now that I understand the comments a little better, I now understand how DESCRIBING is used in the ADDENDA clue, and although it’s the first time I’ve seen DESCRIBING used to do what it does in that clue, I think it’s OK.

  10. 4D: &lit clue. ArRaNgEr. Thomas Arne, 18th century English composer.

    6D: Bond = ALAN
    dry = SET
    oakum = SEALANT

  11. OK, I’m happy with the answers to the ones I missed. I’d never heard of moxie, oakum or llanero but that’s all right, I’ll put them down as DA teachings.

    Except that I still don’t understand the 13D wordplay.

  12. 13D:
    staff audited = cue audited = queue
    top = jumper
    refugee unkindly = queue jumper

  13. A cue (as used in billiards and snooker) is a long wooden rod and so is a staff, therefore they are equivalent even though they have completely different uses? Hmmm, I suppose so, but I am not crazy about it.

    But top = jumper???? A top characteristically spins not jumps. Or is there some other meaning of top that I am missing?

  14. There sure is! Think clothing: top, sweater, shirt, blouse, jumper.

    You have a point with staff=cue. I guess it’s one of those synonyms that just about does its job. And the direct def was pretty tenuous too. Beautiful surface reading of this clue from DA, though, so all is forgiven.

  15. A belated question, re. 1A Showed your age, forgetting last of nasty craving (5).
    “craving” = greed, but how does the wordplay work?

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