The Error (from 11/12th of December)

26 across: Row starting early for depleted Foursome? (4)
Ian makes a good suggestion: this clue should read row ending early for depleted Foursome so that the solution is row ending early = riot ending early = trio = depleted Foursome.

As the clue stands in the crossword, it’s a clear error.

3 thoughts on “The Error (from 11/12th of December)

  1. My girlfriend had an idea that ‘starting early’ could mean put the last letter of a sequence first in analogy with a calendar. MTWTFSS starting early is then SMTWTFS.

  2. Yes, that sort of idea has been rattling around inside my head too, but I couldn’t quite articulate it. It’s a nice idea, but at present it doesn’t quite make the grade IMO. I still prefer “ending early”.

  3. I like the idea but I don’t think it quite works with words.

    Words aren’t circular or sequential like the days of the week or the months of year.

    Nevertheless, it’s possible that’s what DA was trying to make the analogy with, in which case it’s not an error, just bullshit.

    As it stands: either error or bullshit.

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