Cruciverbalising: Another Attempt

Another spate of hubristic madness has seen me attempt another crossword. I’ve even stolen one of RC’s ideas and included a new type of clue for the modern age.

Mine can’t be too much worse than a DH, so if you’ve a cryptic urge tomorrow…


1. Its they’re only mistaken musiic title (9)
6. Ostentatious style a core trait of Dublin Guinness drinkers (5)
9. Pardon the blind Cartesian sum at home asking why (7)
10. Extraordinary nitrogen reduction scheme (3-4)
11. Supplementary energy target diminished public transport (5)
12. Man to make model tennis player (3, 6)
13. Alternative vow on the phone to He-man figure (3)
14. Prize capsicums are cooked to perfection without salt (7’1, 3)
16. Sis doubled lacerating first lashes (4-7)
18. First person to needle long-gone writer (3)
19. LA folks at museum point to low-grade Cola (3, 3, 3)
21. 000 (5)
23. Sauce a form of relief inside meal container south of the border (9)
24. Wizard’s home reversed acid’s distorting the celestial bands (7)
25. Concise (5)
26. Forward-looking fans issue profanity on short notice at visitors short of breath (9)

1. Speak clearly of what was once spoken (5)
2. Weakened spirit dwells within stolen hymns thinned of over 1000 pages (7)
3. Gilligan and the Skipper mended limbs (9)
4. Heavens: Saints kick twenty behinds! (3)
5. Full moon cooked eggs in style (9, 2)
6. Poet forbid Simpson rerun (5)
7. Nonsense positive in rap on first private ton (7)
8. Hereditary nihilistic generation usually friendless (9)
12. Travolta aversion immune to buttering up? (11)
13. A hot run around waiting on Tim to overdo things (2, 3, 2, 2)
15. Statistical knavery by the German Biggs (9)
17. Timbale beat signals ho-hum section (4, 3)
18. Delayed Sam’s tumultuous life story concerning organic material (7)
20. Brutish: no laidback shack (5)
22. Cleans up abridged Springfield sitcom in the first instance (5)
24. Spot Zidane a couple before time (3)

You’ll find the solutions here.

8 thoughts on “Cruciverbalising: Another Attempt

  1. The tendency I have when creating cryptics is making them too complicated. In my first cut, I had an indirect clue that required the solver to think of a synonym, make an anagram of it and take out two letters. I got around to realising that that was preposterous, but I do wonder whether or not any of the other clues are too difficult as well.

    And I’ve made a slight change to 26 across. I’ve changed “swear” to “issue profanity” so as to avoid the inauguration of a new category: AS Bullshit.

    And TT, that’s an brilliant way to hide LINGUINE. I wish I had thought of that.

  2. But shouldn’t it be Guinness? Which ruins any future attempt to hide “linguine”!

    The punctuation and spelling in 1A is confusing me. Can you confirm?
    its or it’s
    they’re or their
    musiic or music

    I’ve solved 5 so far.

  3. Oops… I mistakenly assumed it was spelt GUINESS. Now fixed.

    1A is meant to be punctuated and spelt as it is punctuated and spelt.

  4. AS…..I really have to congratulate you! Had a look at your crossie last night and was soon hooked. Some very clever and nasty stuff. Solved it bar one clue, but need some explanations for others. 1A was terrific as were others (8D,26A, 15D, 19A) When do we get the solution?

  5. Thanks for the kudos, AL, although I fear that if you haven’t solved everything completely, I’ve made the cryptic too hard!

    I’ve put up the answers in the comments section on what’s currently the first post of the blog.

    Have a look.

  6. I finally finished this over the Xmas break. But I admit I’m not sure about 13A, 1D and 22D. And I don’t have complete explanations for a few others. Yes, AS, it was hard!

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