The Confusions from December DA (DA on the 4/5th of December)

Go ahead and ask for assistance — DA will always leave you perplexed sooner or later.

Update: Darn right there were some perplexities!

9 across: Perhaps Underbelly suit shot a copper beforehand (9)
What’s the answer here? How does it work?

6 down: Elevated home, close to Geneva Lake (5)
How is this to be spelt? How is this to be solved?

8 down: Campaign spin (5)
So what’s the double definition?

5 across: Muscle backed detectives for hanging? (7)

3 down: Dry colours expressed UK poet (3, 6)
Can’t explain the first three letters on this one.

7 down: Cream from edges trimmed in cool fried snack (5, 4)
Again, we couldn’t work out exactly how this one was spelt, nor the explanation.

16 thoughts on “The Confusions from December DA (DA on the 4/5th of December)

  1. Can’t understand 1A… I’ve got what I think the answer is, but don’t get the reference to relegated Knight…

  2. I’m confused. Why the oblique clues for Jo re 1A, rather than a full explanation. I thought this thread was open slather at any time, unlike the other thread where the protocol is no spoilers till Monday. Have I got it wrong?

    Anyway, it is now Monday, just. So either way I’m OK. Here are my explanations:
    8D: Yes, it’s a double def. Not sure what your confusion is here, AS.
    Campaign = DRIVE
    spin = DRIVE (as in take a car for a spin)

    5A: Muscle backed = CALF backed = FLAC
    detectives = CID
    hanging = FLACCID

    7D: Cream = KO
    from edges trimmed = RO
    cool = CHILL
    fried snack = CHI KO RO LL

  3. As for the other 3 confusions, I think I can help with 9A. I thought, at first, that copper was D (penny), but now I think it’s CU, as follows:
    9A: Perhaps Underbelly = DOCUDRAMA
    suit = DO (as in this will suit/do)
    shot = DRAM
    a = A
    copper = CU

    As for 6D, I can’t get the answer, never mind an explanation!

    And re 3D, I have the same problem as you. The first three letters of the answer (TED) seem to be clued by “dry”. How does that work?

  4. 6D: Close (last letter) to Geneva = A
    Lake = ERIE
    gives AERIE = an elevated home (eagle’s nest)

    1A: Sorry for the oblique explanation for Jo – was in a bit of a rush last night.
    Meant = Denoted. Then trade the N = Knight for StorM finalist = M to give DEMOTED = relegated

    3D: TED = Toohey’s Extra Dry. Another slightly nasty beer-related clue from DA?

  5. re 6D: TED = dry ( as in drying hay after harvesting).HUGHES = colours expressed and so TED HUGHES.

  6. Thanks, Haiku. Now all I need is an explanation for the ‘after nog’ bit of 28A.

  7. Dave R, DA can be a ball-breaker: NO G is the way to read that word.

    I thought I was looking good for 6 across when I put in EYRIE because there is such a lake in Canada and EYRIE is an alternative spelling for AERIE.

    RB, you don’t have the protocol wrong. I just thought I wouldn’t directly state the answer because a hint that leads to the answer is often more fun for the perplexed person (although it might end up causing even more confusion).

    And everyone, thanks for the help.

  8. And RB, my confusion for 8 down was simple: I didn’t know what the answer was!

  9. AS, re protocol: yes, I thought that might be your reason for the hint rather than a direct answer. And re 28A, it’s a wonderful moment when the penny finally drops about NOG.

    6D: Thanks haiku. Not seen that spelling before. I thought it was eyrie.

    3D: Looks like we have two explanations for ted=dry. And I was ignorant about both! I think I prefer the Toohey’s explanation, as DA seems rather keen on his beer.

  10. 17D: Here I go again complaining about a homophone.
    “Sacks Rome” sounds like “Sax Rohmer”, except that the “er” on the end of “Rohmer” doesn’t seem to have been allowed for. Is this last syllable not pronounced or is it just deemed to be such a short sound that it is close enough to the “m” sound on the end of “Rome”?

  11. There’s another reason why that clue was so good: to Nero, his city was Roma, not Rome!

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