What’s DA On About? (from the 27/28th of November)

You got confusions? Tell us of them here.

Update: My confusions, of which there are two:

8 across: For a brothel, you dressed in suit… (8)
So what’s the answer? I assume it’s got something to do with a brothel.

3 down: F1 champ due to be quiet (6, 2)
I’ve got my theory on this one, which I’ll reveal in the comments, but it doesn’t seem complete.

22 thoughts on “What’s DA On About? (from the 27/28th of November)

  1. I have two problems:
    23A: I have EATS AWAY. I guess the direct definition is “erodes”, but the best I can do for the wordplay is:
    ruin = WASTE
    a ruin in recession = ETSAWA
    a ruin in recession engrossing a = EATSAWA
    yankee = Y this is the bit I don’t get
    Is that it?

    2D: What’s the connection between being 64 and the setting sun? If it’s merely a reference to getting old, it’s very tenuous.

  2. My problem is 13A. The answer is clearly APEX, but why?

    @RB: They were my conclusions: yankee = y; setting sun = old age = 64. Yes, very tenuous.

  3. Ahem.

    “Too blokey.”

    That was the contemptuous opinion of B who must be obeyed. Brothel, Cousins, rugby mecca, F1 champ.

    On the up side, she is a fan of a certain hit machine, which made the rest crossword as easy as Honey Pie.

    PS: Anyone know what’s the story with 21A?

  4. My explanation for 21a is somewhat laborious. First of all, I believe the answer is ROTS (but I could be wrong!). Explanation is:
    “Heavy defeats” = ROUTS
    “gutted 15-across” = “gutted at heart” means ROUTS=>ROTS
    “and 23-across” = “eats away” = ROTS

  5. RB, the answer is indeed ROTS. Worthy of gold with the use of ‘gutted’ to mean you take a letter out of another word, rather than the more usual ‘take the innards out of a word’.

  6. RB – I believe you are spot on, and a good and complex clue it is. I got there eventually for 21A, albeit via trying for a while to do something with RATH, which is the letters of EAT removed from AT HEART (as in, EAT’s away from AT HEART).

  7. Does 3 down refer to the F1 button on a computer? If so, I still don’t understand F1 champ = button up. To champ is to bite down, which would apply a button press rather than a button up.

    Have I missed something and it really does refer to someone who drives motor cars?

  8. Jenson Button is a F1 driver and the world champ too, I believe! The bit I’m not sure about is that it would seem that “due” => UP, which I can’t quite accept yet.

  9. 8A is CATHOUSE. but I have no good explanation… there is the ‘U’ in HOSE (pants… at least part of a suit) but why the cat ?

  10. 8A wordplay, I think, is:
    you = THOU
    suit = CASE (as in the law)
    you dressed in suit = CA THOU SE

  11. you = thou is a bit of stretch, ain’t it?

    And what’s with the FOR A before the word BROTHEL?

    Is that two cases of bullshit?

  12. 22A: is “sheltered” doing double duty here? as both a containment indicator AND part of the definition of “lee”? i’m confused…

  13. AS, re 8A: you=thou seems OK to me. It’s archaic (is that your beef?), but at least it’s accurate (2nd person singular subjective pronoun, so we’d use “you” nowadays). I agree with your objection about “for” or “for a” at the beginning of the clue – its only purpose seems to be to aid the surface reading.

    MF, re 22A: the function of “sheltered” has me confused too. Is it doing double duty? My brain’s hurting, but I’ve come up with this plausible (I hope) explanation:
    In the lee means on the sheltered side.
    So, “sheltered from wind” => in the lee
    So “tree sheltered from wind” => GUM in the LEE => LE GUM E

  14. Thanks, RB, for the explanation of 21A. I figured it had to be ‘rots’, but DA was too tricky for me with this one.

  15. 22a: RB is spot on, it is a gum in the lee, therefore sheltered from the wind. No extraneous words, no double duty, just neat.
    8a: “For a” is just permissible fill in words to allow for surface reading. No problem there. Thou = you is common in Shakespeare and the Mighty Thor. Perhaps he might have said “you old” but I don’t think it necessary.

  16. I reckon if the first or last word is not included in the definition, you’re breaking one of the sacrosanct cryptic crossword rules.

    And DA seems to have done that on a clue that’s not particularly well-constructed or clever.

    The thou = you I’m a bit dodgy about, but the “for a brothel” business crosses my dodginess line.

  17. re 8A: I really enjoyed this clue and don’t understand the gripes. “for” can be interpreted as “in order to get the word” which is quite precise….and that sets up the “you” = THOU dressed in “suit” = CASE….CATHOUSE. A nice little recipe.

  18. I’d say that to interpret “for” as “in order to get the word”, you’re doing something that isn’t really a definition and more akin to wordplay.

    A definition should not include wordplay or interpreting words as a collection of letters. That’s my beef.

    The you = thou thing is no big deal and not something I would have mentioned if not for the “for a brothel” thing.

  19. You know, if I actually solved 8A, I probably wouldn’t have said anything.

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