Two Errors (from the 20th/21st of November)

6 down, 21 across: Spooner’s out of depression with 13-down (bombproof) snack (5, 5)
The answer works without bombproof: Spooner’s out of depression = Spooner’s from pit = pomme frite = snack.

That’s just as well because the reference to 13-down, the solution to which is bombproof, should actually be a reference to 15-down, the solution to which is deep fryer.

15 down: Soulful cleric employed in Maccas, we hear (4, 5)
Quite a good clue: soulful cleric we hear = deep friar we hear = deep fryer = employed in Maccas.

The problem that you might have noticed with my rearranging of the clue: we hear should be at the start of the clue, not the end.

2 thoughts on “Two Errors (from the 20th/21st of November)

  1. It’s a nice tribute to DA’s errors to include an error yourself…is it 15 across or 15 down??

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